Flexibility in your career sparks a joy for life

When was the last time you considered: yourself, the path that you’re on, and the kind of life you deserve?

We know that the world is changing and our life choices- our work and life values – are definitely changing with it.

Health is the new wealth… of course money is important (and necessary), but we don’t just want more money; we want more…freedom…flexibility…time!

Because: life matters.

Wellness and healing is at the forefront of the world’s new wisdom, and we are all learning, that health and happiness in a flexible environment is so much better than being overworked and stressed, on a daily basis.

Hello flexible workday…

If you’re seeking a flexible career, that with allow you to work from anywhere, or in a variety of fields, the time is most definitely now!

As it is now becoming the ‘norm’ to work untethered from any location, flexibility is key for the modern-day professional; looking for a career that continues to spark joy.

A Lecturer in a day job, looking for something more.

Health and wellness writer on the road…why not?

CCM graduates need not seek a traditional workday, but instead, a wide range of career possibilities: in health and wellness, fitness, teaching, life coaching, counselling, aged care and rehab.

Careers as a Kinesiologist  or Sports Kinesiologist, Art Therapist, Counsellor, educator,  provide great flexibility, as well as conscious living and, a great sense of pride, found from helping people to improve their lives.

Yes, you really can have a flexible and rewarding career!

Work found as a health and wellness professional; such as a registered Kinesiologist; Sports Kinesiologist,  Mind Body Medicine Practitioner, Art Therapist or Counsellor, often means careers that offer intangible rewards, in addition to a fair income.

Flexibility provides more opportunity and, more choice.

More choice provides more of what you want and need.

Whether from stress, a physical injury, or another issue that is affecting personal health, these careers will help you use the knowledge you’ve gained from your education and change the world in a positive way.

But, how?

Choose today!

Enrol in one of our courses that will inspire you to change your career.