May 2021

Dry Brushing


Dry Brushing: All you Need to Know This latest ritual is getting all the buzz in today’s beauty scene so we want to bring to you all [...]

Dry Brushing2021-04-26T14:40:22+10:00

Gratitude journal


Daily Gratitude Journal Benefits Grateful, gratitude, thankful, appreciation. We have all heard about gratitude and the power it can have. But, do we stop and reflect on [...]

Gratitude journal2021-04-26T13:13:09+10:00

April 2021

Vipassana Meditation


Vipassana 10-Day Silent Meditation Retreat: My Experience Perhaps you have seen our blog post on the benefits of meditation and want to hear about the 10-day silent [...]

Vipassana Meditation2021-04-26T10:44:16+10:00

March 2021

Right Brain Enhancing Exercises


Right Brain Enhancing Exercises - to Work More Harmoniously with the Left Brain I’m assuming that if you are reading this you know that we have two [...]

Right Brain Enhancing Exercises2021-04-20T17:35:56+10:00

February 2021

The Benefits of Yoga


The Benefits of Yoga Yoga has been around for thousands and thousands of years. There are different styles, types and teachings. Whatever yoga practice one does the [...]

The Benefits of Yoga2021-03-01T23:51:11+11:00

January 2021

The Art of Creating a Spirit Doll


The Art of Creating a Spirit Doll Cultures the world over have the tradition of creating dolls. A representation of the human figure often used in children’s [...]

The Art of Creating a Spirit Doll2021-01-11T09:29:16+11:00

November 2020

Kombucha Recipe and Potential Health Benefits?


Kombucha Recipe and Potential Health Benefits? Kombucha! Kombucha! I am guessing you have heard this as a hot topic lately. You may have seen it in the [...]

Kombucha Recipe and Potential Health Benefits?2020-11-30T10:19:26+11:00

Meditation: Types and Benefits


Meditation: Types and Benefits The hot topic these days is meditation. Although we have heard this term thrown around and know there are many benefits, is it [...]

Meditation: Types and Benefits2020-11-12T11:31:09+11:00
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