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Are you trying to lose weight? It’s not just about what you eat.

When it comes to reaching (or maintaining) a healthy body weight, there are two important & relevant nervous system ‘states’ that we need to know about; ’Fight or Flight’ and ‘Rest & Digest’. In both states a number of physiological factors occur that demonstrate the primary focus of the body.

In fight or flight, the blood rushes away from the organs and into the extremities (to prepare us to fight or run), our heart rate, breathing rate and alertness increase. Our body is ready to go. In the rest & digest state our heart rate & breathing rate slow, blood & energy flow to our organs and digestion, sexual arousal & defecation can occur.

In order to be able to digest and absorb the nutrients from your food, you need to be eating in this latter state. If you frequently eat meals in a ‘stressed’ state the body can not process the food the way it needs to, we can not use the nutrients or energy from it and often, we gain weight.

The ‘state’ we eat our meals in is just as relevant as what we actually consume.

Consider the last meal you ate, were you?

  • Sitting upright creating a straight path from mouth to gut?
  • Breathing calmly
  • Chewing your food (up to about 21 times?)
  • Mindfully concentrating on the act of eating

Good job if you were!

However if you were;

  • Stressed
  • Rushing
  • Sitting crouched over a coffee table, in a car or eating on the go
  • Watching Television (especially the news!)
  • Having a stressful conversation
  • Scooping food in mouthful after the other with about 2-3 chews per bite

You are not doing yourself any favours. Some simple adjustments of eating at a table, slowly, chewing your food and sensually concentrating on what you are doing could have a dramatic affect on your ability to digest, improve your energy levels and make it easier to lose weight. Give it a go today.

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