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The Art of Creating a Spirit Doll

Cultures the world over have the tradition of creating dolls. A representation of the human figure often used in children’s play. It is likely that worry dolls are the world’s oldest toy as there is evidence of them in the artefacts of ancient cultures. We can imagine children everywhere, imitating life by acting out stories … Read more


Art Therapy in a Virtual World – Going Digital – Photography

As we have all adapted to the online world for work, gatherings and even celebrations, Art Therapists and clients have been considering the question: Can digital media be used for Art Therapy? Traditional Art Therapy relies on the tactile experience of applying colour, texture and image by hand, through crayon, paint, glue and paper. But … Read more


Further your career with Psychodrama

What is Psychodrama? Psychodrama is a modality of therapy that has been clinically successful for over a hundred years. It has a proven track record in assisting people move out of self-limiting behaviours and live fuller, richer lives. Psychiatrist, lecturer, and author Adam Blatner, MD, describes Psychodrama as “a form of experientially based intervention that … Read more

Learn leadership skills in a unique and dynamic learning environment.

Looking for new and exciting ways to creatively facilitate groups using Expressive Arts? Do you want to develop your leadership skills to enhance your work and community involvement? Don’t miss your chance to develop leadership abilities and discover the knowledge and skills to lead and facilitate groups using Expressive Arts mediums. Whether you work in an … Read more