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How to stay happy and healthy during the festive season

As the festive season gathers it is important to be mindful of the powerful impact that our thoughts and actions have on the health and harmony of our bodies, relationships, and the planet.

Remember to give thanks-

Give thanks for all that you do have in your life right now. It is common as humans to constantly strive and desire to want more. Happiness is only found when we are at peace within and when we truly accept and love ourselves, others and our circumstances exactly as they are. So please take this time to reflect and give gratitude and thanks to all that you do have in your life right in this moment.

Be gentle towards yourself and others

Too often we get swept up in the chaos and fast pace of life. It is really important to remember to connect inward and treat yourself and others with kindness, respect, patience, and compassion. Life is a precious gift that must be cherished. Spend time each day doing something that will nourish your soul as well as others. This may involve meditation, yoga, sharing a beach walk or a nice conversation with a friend.

Share, express and create love rather than buying expensive gifts

Christmas is the perfect time to express and share. Instead of buying expensive presents for loved ones, why not tap into your creative energy and make a card, take a photo or draw a picture to give as a gift. This will be a fun healing expression for you as well as a beautiful meaningful gift to receive and keep forever. Our planet will also appreciate the conservation of resources.

Be kind to our planet

During this time, it is common for many of us to sacrifice a tree for our own benefit. As an alternative, appreciate the trees we have outside and decorate them with tinsel and lights instead. Spend time in nature and give thanks for the beautiful environment in which we live in. Hug a tree and thank it for giving us precious life. Think about the animals that share our space and as an alternative to turkey roast, prepare delicious vegetarian alternatives.

Let go of negative thought patterns that do not serve you

Towards the end of the year, it is the perfect time to let go of negativity. The New Year brings with it the chance for new beginnings and growth. It is the perfect time to bring a positive intention into your up- coming year. A valuable exercise is to write a list of all the things in your life that are preventing you from living your true potential (including repetitive negative self-talk). In a safe space, burn this list and watch the worries and old patterns dissolve away. Dedicate this time to then create a new list with positive intention for your upcoming year. Keep this list somewhere safe and with trust and love manifest your hopes and dreams for 2013.

Be mindful not to overindulge

It is very easy to let ourselves go during this festive time. Sometimes food and alcohol can be used to nourish something that is lacking within. Be mindful of this and observe the intention and motivation behind your behaviour. Take this time to enjoy yourself as it is healthy to live a life with balance. However be careful to not over- indulge. Respect and love your body and all that it does for you. If you are going to drink alcohol nourish your liver. Alternate your alcoholic drinks with filtered water or soda water and fresh lime and start each morning with warm water and freshly squeezed lemon juice to aid the detoxification process. Remember to keep active during this period. A nice family activity can involve movement such as a game of soccer or a beach walk.

Peace and love… Merry Christmas…

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