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How to keep your heart healthy.

The heart in Chinese Medicine is considered the ‘ruler’ or ‘emperor’ of all other organs and in Western Medicine it is agreed that a healthy heart is essential for a healthy body & long life.

So, how do we keep our heart healthy? According to Chinese Medicine being open hearted, expressing ourselves honestly and openly and living in accordance with our true nature is what feeds and nourishes the heart.

Now often, when we think of an open hearted person we picture a selfless, giving, kind person. Someone who is warm, loving, listens to our problems and drops everything to help someone in need. Someone who doesn’t ask or expect anything in return. The carer, the giver, the shoulder to lean on.

But to be truly open hearted, is to openly give – love, support, care, time, energy, yet it is also to openly receive – love, support, care, time, energy, at an equal rate. Open hearted, like all Chinese Medicine concepts, is a balanced state.

If you want to be genuinely open hearted, have a healthy heart and live in accordance with your true nature, it is just as important to lovingly receive in balance with how much you give. This means saying No when it feels right, connecting with your own needs and desires and making it ok to not always sacrifice yourself for others.

Try it, do something today that is all for you. Your heart will thank you for it.


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