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Own your own attitudes, health and happiness.

Say it loud: this is the year that I will be calm, organised and in control of my life!

A lot gets written lately; about work / life / balance – what the perfect combination is, and, how the balance must feel… People tend to blame other people, their situation in life, or even their environment, for their own health and attitudes.

But, isn’t ‘modern’ living the balancing act? It’s really just, LIFE on four burners: HEALTH, WORK, FAMILY and FRIENDS.

It’s our responsibility and, in our power, as people: to look after our own health and wellbeing.

*Read on for tips, on how to take more time and responsibility: to own, and live, the life you love.

A balanced approach to HEALTH

Like any major goal in life, healthy living is not an overnight success. Making changes to your diet needs to be progressive, not an instant overhaul. Look for information about which (diet), will give you the right sources of energy, repair and nutritional improvement, so that you can make more informed choices, about the food you consume every day.

Even with all the pressures of modern life, good health and wellbeing still matter. Take control of your health by building routines around habits that don’t require much effort – small steps towards good food preparation, present a new opportunity to fuel your body, everyday, and in the best possible way.

Think positively, and prioritise your health, with planning, and implementing habits that you look forward to!

Like; eating “colours” (greens / vegetables); drinking plenty of water; sleep and rest, and lots of laughter.

What do other people do? It is often interesting to learn what other people; who (seem to) have it all worked out, do in their pursuit, but…

HAPPINESS (is an inside job)

Age and experience play a big part in our growth mindset. And we usually have to reach a certain age and level of life experience to truly understand what brings us happiness and what really matters.


When you have clarity; around how you want to live and what does actually matter, you can then start to make a plan towards it. If we want more of one thing (and less of another), or to achieve something new, we must practice habits that will help us to reach our goal.

This means, we must first bring awareness to why we hold on to habits- good or bad. To, help improve the good, and to, replace the bad (habits), with better choices.

The truth is, not all bad habits are bad; they are ineffective.
Good habits are effective. Bad habits are ineffective. That’s it. Simple! And bad habits have a negative, compounding effect, on our health and wellbeing.


What do you do repeatedly (apart from wake and sleep)? As adults, we have so many responsibilities and demands on our time. So just as important, as the daily rituals of eat, sleep and exercise: self-care is essential.

When we focus on what emotions drive our actions, and, what it takes; to make us feel physically, emotionally and mentally well; everyone benefits.

When you practice good habits and daily self-care, you will become more organised, and start to feel less, “time-poor”. Self-care rituals have a positive effect on how much energy we have left, to enjoy “more” time.

Whether it’s for 5 or 30 minutes a day, if you allow yourself, to look after yourself first, then you can:

  • Help others
  • Improve your productivity
  • Increase immunity and
  • Greater self-esteem.


“Talk your Positive talk”! You can get through a day by talking yourself into, or out of, any situation.

The way you respond to another person, or how you choose to tackle a task; starts with the way in which; you treat your mind.

Change always starts within: switch your talk, from negative to positive and passive to active; to keep growing and learning.


Stay mindful and find a highlight- or 3, in every day. These could be; moments that stand out, reasons / people that make you smile, a feeling of gratitude. Even, embracing your flaws.


No matter how you feel: “get up, dress up, show up and never give up.”  ~ ANONYMOUS


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