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5 Tips to be a Sustainable Shopper, Conscious Consumer, and Reduce your Impact on the Earth

You may have heard phrases like ‘reducing your carbon footprint’, ‘sustainable shopping’, be a ‘conscious consumer’, but have you taken stock of your individual impact on this planet? A ‘Sustainable Shopper’ recognises we live in one large ecosystem with smaller ecosystems within the larger all affect and impact each other. So, in terms of goods … Read more

dry brushing

Dry Brushing: All you need to know

This latest ritual is getting all the buzz in today’s beauty scene so we want to bring to you all the information you may need on dry brushing to see if you want to try it for yourself. Firstly, What is it? Dry brushing. And no, we aren’t dry brushing our hair. It is our … Read more


Vipassana 10-Day Silent Meditation Retreat: My Experience

Perhaps you have seen our blog post on the benefits of meditation and want to hear about the 10-day silent meditiation course known as Vipassana. Keep reading to see how I am going with meditation 2+ years after completing. What is it? Vipassana is a 10-day silent meditation retreat. Now I mean 10 full days, … Read more

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20 Study Tips: Study Smarter not Harder

Being a student well into my adult life has brought some procrastination habits from the past and this blog is here to show you some great study tips to help keep the ball rolling. The majority of students have at least some point when they are struggling to focus on study. Or maybe you are … Read more

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The Art of Creating a Spirit Doll

Cultures the world over have the tradition of creating dolls. A representation of the human figure often used in children’s play. It is likely that worry dolls are the world’s oldest toy as there is evidence of them in the artefacts of ancient cultures. We can imagine children everywhere, imitating life by acting out stories … Read more


Meditation: Types and Benefits

The hot topic these days is meditation. Although we have heard this term thrown around and know there are many benefits, is it something you consistently partake in and incorporate it into your daily routine? If the answer is yes, then you hopefully have seen the positive effects (otherwise read below and maybe try a … Read more