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Camille M Kinesiology
Prahran VIC, 3181



Diploma of Kinesiology
Diploma of Mind Body Medicine

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Camille Macdonald

Camille is a committed kinesiology and mind body medicine practitioner, employing a gentle and holistic approach to address her clients’ health concerns. Her practice centres the connection between unconscious thoughts and beliefs informed by early trauma, and its impact on emotional and physiological outcomes in the present.

Camille’s journey began when she realised her passion for wellness. After exploring a number of modalities, she stumbled upon kinesiology and was immediately intrigued by its power to tune into the body’s intrinsic knowledge and healing capabilities. She is now dedicated to facilitating and supporting clients through their healing journeys, while simultaneously educating those about the wisdom of ancient Eastern medicine and philosophy.

Through Camille’s own experience of kinesiology and mind body medicine treatment to cultivate a sense of emotional renewal, she deeply believes in and understands the personal investment involved in undergoing the healing process.