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Meditate & Create Art Therapy
2 Menzies Court,
Banks, ACT 2906



Adv.Dip of Transpersonal Art Therapy
BA Hons Visual Arts
Grad Dip of Secondary Teaching

Online Available


Clare Rachelle Incher


[email protected]


Clare is a Transpersonal Art Therapist. Before that she has been a Designer, Artist and High School Art Teacher for a combined total of 25 Years. She has worked for over 10 years in multiple Primary, High Schools and Colleges in Canberra, developing strong and genuine connections with children, adolescents, teenager’s and young adults. Working in an inclusive school environment, she has experience educating neurotypical and neurodiverse students to gain success and confidence in various subject areas. Clare is a parent of neurodiverse children and so she has a lived experience of anxiety and social issues in adolescents and young adults, and is able to offer a better understanding of their needs within schools and support for parents.