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Kirsten Severino Intuitive Kinesiology
Suite 7 / 16 Waratah Street,
Mona Vale NSW



Diploma of Kinesiology

Online Available


Kirsten Severino

Kirsten is a devoted Intuitive Kinesiologist, Feminine Embodiment coach, and Non Linear Method teacher, dedicated to empowering women on their profound journey of self-discovery and grounded spirituality. 

Her calling lies in bridging the gap between the earthly and spiritual dimensions within each individual, allowing them to reclaim their true selves. Her unwavering belief centres on the significance of re-establishing a profound connection with the subtle yet impactful messages of inner wisdom. 

Kirsten’s approach is deeply rooted in nurturing a comprehensive understanding of both the human and spiritual facets, thereby enabling women to express their genuine authenticity.
With an unyielding passion for guiding others towards uncovering their spiritual essence, Kirsten’s work is a dedication to the transformative force of grounded spirituality. She facilitates the harmonious alignment between human existence and inner truth, empowering women to embrace lives that resonate with authenticity and purpose.