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Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy (Art Therapy)
Certified NLP Practitionare
Certified Master Coach
Bachelor in Electrical Engineering
TQUK Endorsed Course - Level 7 Diploma London Teacher Training College
Foundations of integral Sound healing- Level 1 Certificate
Dance facilitator

Online Available


Negin Shaygan

Negin is the visionary founder of Inner Diamondz, a sanctuary for holistic transformation and creative empowerment.
As a dedicated Transpersonal art therapist and a holistic coach, Negin is on a heartfelt mission to inspire and empower individuals, especially women, on their paths to self-discovery, self-awareness, and ultimate fulfilment.
With a deep-seated passion for nurturing the mind, body, and soul connection, she offers online one-on-one Expressive art sessions, transformative coaching programs, and expressive art workshops.
Her innovative approach marries the power of holistic coaching with the therapeutic power of art, providing a unique and powerful avenue for self-expression, healing, and growth.
Negin’s vision for Inner Diamondz is to create a world where individuals discover their inner diamonds and shine brilliantly, embracing their authenticity and stepping into their power as artists and creators of their own lives.
Through her work, Negin invites individuals to tap into their inner wellsprings of potential, guiding them towards profound transformation and the realisation of their fullest selves.
Negin offers 30mins free alignment calls.