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Phoebe Clare McKay

Phoebe Clare is a Transpersonal Art Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner, based in the Northern Beaches, NSW.

She holds regular in-person Art Therapy Circles, focusing on the turning of the seasons and the dance between our external and internal worlds. She also offers 1:1 sessions (in-person and online) and numerous workshops throughout the year.

Phoebe Clare’s main focus is supporting you on your authentic journey and creating a safe container for you to explore within. She’ll meet you where you’re at and sit with you in deep presence.

The modalities she weaves into her work are art exploration, creative expression, soul-crafting, movement, guided meditation, holistic charting, dream work, ritual, rites of passage and ceremony.

Phoebe Clare has a strong passion for working with women and the sacred mysteries; guiding clients to step further into their personal medicine and reclaim the healing and transformative powers of their menstrual cycles. Sessions are available in-person and online.