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The road to studying Kinesiology

As I sit down to write this post I am not even quite sure where to start……

Do I speak about the life-changing experience I had as a result of kinesiology?

The magic and synchronicity that actually brought me to CCM?

Or the profound, inspiring and consciousness expanding knowledge that we are receiving with every moment!?

The truth is, each of these elements came together to help me align with my College of Complementary Medicine journey, the road I had been looking for quite some time.

One degree down, and a 4-month journey to India, I returned home desperate to finally study and work in something that filled my heart. I had learned that health and joy were our nature, and I could not ignore bringing that to others through my work any longer!

Holistic health and complementary medicine had ALWAYS been my greatest field of interest. I would read countless books on universal laws, the parallels between quantum physics and spirituality, science and religion. I explored many holistic practices and always found that at the core of my most engaging moments in life was the same thread of healing.

I always knew in my heart of the innate wisdom and natural state of health that is our nature.

Building on a value I had always resonated with, my yoga training in India further emphasised the essential integration of the body, the mind and the soul. There was a deep call, encouraging me to align with a complementary practice that embodied all these components of the being. I was being pulled to find the practice that would allow me to bring this truth to others.

In the following months, I went to see a Kinesiologist for the first time myself. I observed how a physical manifestation of dis-ease, which had been so wrapped up in my emotional and cognitive patterns for years became disentangled, liberated to a state of restored health.

I witnessed that by removing layers of stress of the human experience, the body, mind and soul was able to bring itself back to a homeostatic state. I was in awe. From that moment, I could not take my attention away from the desire to study and practice this art myself.

Not long after, a friend encouraged me to go see a different Kinesiologist; a graduate of CCM.

This is when my journey kicked into overdrive. I was witnessing this art of mind-body medicine revealing and healing old patterns that had been debilitating me.

I started experiencing the undeniable changes in my external world, that were a direct and clear result of the internal balancing. My love and curiosity of Kinesiology was growing. It wasn’t long before I took action to study Kinesiology myself!

Upon recommendation, I made my way to CCM and feel more and more inspired as each day comes. From the onset of the course the spirit of compassion, understanding, wisdom and connection that is essential to foster true healing has been transmitted with every moment.

Furthermore, the central belief that the practitioner does not “heal” the client, but rather allows for the client to heal themselves, with self-responsibility, has been mirrored in the teaching. The structure, knowledge and technique is assembled for us, with the opportunity to really step into the work and make it our own, to grow and gain full understanding the practice ourselves.

As our course, the road to CCM and onwards progresses, I am finding myself more and more inspired by the depth of learning; the forms of practice, the wisdom of life experience that everyone brings into the group and the true and resolute potential for healing.

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