February 2020

January 2020

Practicing gratitude


PRACTICING GRATITUDE Practice gratitude daily. And feel better for it. Who are you grateful for (people)? Where have you been (in the world)? What have you seen [...]

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December 2019

New Year Resolutions


NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS  It’s almost 2020… the end of a decade! What are your new year’s resolutions? More importantly, what is a new year’s resolution…does anyone even [...]

New Year Resolutions2019-12-18T11:35:20+10:00

Let’s get physical!


Let's get physical! Now that summer has landed in Australia, you might be thinking about different ways to make the most of the sunlight hours, and to [...]

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Art is…..THERAPY


Art is......THERAPY In this rapidly changing world, individuals are seeking to heal and live a more creative authentic life. Just like any [form] of downtime or a [...]

Art is…..THERAPY2019-12-09T10:12:00+10:00

November 2019



Problem: Mindfulness MINDFULL or MINDFUL Do you really want to be this busy? You wake up, get dressed, have breakfast, shower, (half) watch television, wake up your children, [...]


Eat. Sleep. Exercise. Repeat.


Eat. Sleep. Exercise. Repeat - Your Guide to Optimal Wellbeing  Optimum health and wellbeing… what does it mean to you? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is defined as: [...]

Eat. Sleep. Exercise. Repeat.2019-11-04T10:44:02+10:00

October 2019

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