CCM Core Values


CCM Core Values

BE INSPIRED inspired learning for conscious healing

The College of Complementary Medicine exists to enhance lives.  We’re innovative and professional,  yet friendly and fun.  Mostly we’re effective in helping our students achieve brilliant careers and fulfilling lives.

CCM Founder David Corby was once a Chief Economist looking for more purpose in his own life – he found it in helping others. Our CCM lecturers carved equally successful careers in a diverse range of fields, but they too were looking for something more.

CCM soon became a magnet for brilliant minds and leading-edge thinking. Together our Founder and lecturers have authored our unique portfolio of courses, which in turn attract students who want to enrich their own lives – and the lives of others.

Our courses are original and creative, interactive and practical.  They’re all founded in science and sound principles, but we add our experience, insights and learnings to create our own brand of ‘inspired learning’ … learning that changes lives.  Each of our courses become individual and personal journeys for our students.  Our Diploma/ Advanced Diploma courses are career focused with recognised qualifications. We also offer a range of bespoke courses and professional development courses so you can tailor your inspired learning to your own needs and desires.

CCM is a college but mostly we’re a community of like-minded people – CCM lecturers, students and graduates who are drawn together to invigorate their own lives and the lives of others as proud, connected, conscious and inspired members of our CCM community.

The reason people choose CCM is found in our name – our unique brand of inspired learning is designed to be complementary. Graduates of our Complementary Health courses leave us with skills that enable them to work closely and effectively with medical practitioners so they can genuinely complement each other’s care plans.  Equally, our Expressive Arts students leave us with a creative tool bag that complements their leadership, therapeutic, group and community work, bringing new inspiration to their work with individual, teams, groups and corporate clients.

CCM’s goal is to enable all people to live whole lives and our courses are created to achieve this end. They too are holistic, drawing on a combination of Chinese medicine, Western medicine, transpersonal psychology, kinesiology, art therapy, psychodrama, sports therapy and expressive arts processes. CCM believes in aligning mind and body, discovering innate truths, encouraging genuine expression and drawing inspiration from the natural environment. Our original complementary medicine courses are a creative and scientific melting pot of all these inspired learnings.

Our enlightened approach to learning holds the key to the success our graduates enjoy. The world is changing and CCM attracts students who are aware of the wisdom of embracing creativity, self-empowerment and the expression of both the heart and mind that is increasingly enveloping the way we approach health, business, community and even politics.

Our students are looking for something different – a new approach to learning that equips them to be at the leading-edge of change. They find it in our unique portfolio of courses. CCM’s diploma students are typically drawn to us from four areas.  Firstly, they’re people who are already working as counsellors, therapists and complementary health practitioners and seeking to enrich their services with a broader skill-set.  Secondly, they’re people who have never worked in the transpersonal therapies, health or well-being industries, but who are feeling disillusioned by their current career and looking for more meaning and purpose in their lives.  Thirdly they’re leaders who are looking for innovative ways to guide their teams and groups.  And finally, they’re people who are just starting out on their career path and following their inherent ‘calling’ to help other people live fulfilling lives.  All share a common desire with CCM – to be part of something special, to be at the forefront the world’s new wisdom.

We believe that to be truly awesome at whatever you do, you have to experience it, not just read about it!  That’s why we’ve designed all our CCM courses to be interactive – from the outset our students gain an awareness of what it’s like to be a complementary health or transpersonal practitioner or a creative leader.    They start out ‘practising’ their newfound skills on each other – and, they finish their courses with a work placement (expressive arts) or many hours of student clinic (complementary health). Where courses include work placement, the individual student gets to choose where they prefer to do their placement – in a clinic, corporate, government or community organisation.  Some choose to work with the elderly, others with youth.

The choices are limited only by your preferences – be it working in mental health, with refugees, at schools or in fertility.  CCM trains both specialists and generalists – we know there’s room for both and it all comes down to your individual choices. Our role is to provide you with the knowledge to make the choice that’s right for you.

We think of our CCM courses as ‘platforms of awareness’ – launching pads for a broad range of career paths, stepping stones to challenge yourself, to unearth your innate truths, to discover your hidden talents, to become aware of what really inspires you … so you can be truly awesome in whatever path you choose.

Here at CCM we understand individuals are different and so too are their lifestyles, preferences and locations.  That’s why we’ve created a whole range of inspired learning options for you. Our nine CCM Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses are career focussed.

We offer diplomas or advanced diplomas in Holistic Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine, Integrated Complementary Medicine, Sports Therapy Kinesiology, Transpersonal Counselling, Transpersonal Art Therapy (new name Integrative Art Therapy), Diploma of Leadership in Expressive Arts and Group Work, Psychodrama and Expressive Arts Therapy.

We offer a range of different ways that you can study with us, including full time or blended learning formats.  Whatever your choice, our inspired learning can always be with you through CCM’s online learning platform. If you’re not quite ready to fully commit or want to select parts of our courses to study we also offer all these courses in bespoke formats to give you a taste of the CCM community and our unique brand of inspired learning.  Our free workshops are another great way to experience CCM’s enlightened approach to learning.

Please have a chat with us if you’re not sure of the learning format that will be right for you.  If you’re interested in a career that offers flexibility in your lifestyle, we can guide you here as well. We’re here to help you realise your dreams … and we’re flexible so you can be too!