CCM Graduates

What CCM Graduates Say About Us

“Whilst I was serendipitously introduced to kinesiology, it was not until I attended CCM’s information session that I felt the clarity and confidence to pursue this path. I was particularly drawn to the strong emphasis of ancient modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine in the course curriculum. Having trained and worked in area of science and technology, it was the perfect introduction into limitless world and potential of energy medicine. The most fulfilling part of this work is that you learn and expand just as much as you assist your clients in their own journeys of growth and expansion.”
Jo Wong | Kinesiology & Mind Body Medicine Graduate
“I entered CCM as someone who had very limited experience with self-help, natural health and even kinesiology! When I left, I had not only gained an incredible holistic view of what it is to be human.. I had deep dived into my own self. What I loved about studying at CCM is that you become the client and the practitioner. You’re not just learning how to treat people, you’re learning what their experience will be. The most effective therapists are those who have felt and seen for themselves.”
Emma Sternberg | Kinesiology Graduate
“I studied with CCM in 2012-13 completing a double dip in Transpersonal Art therapy and Counselling. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there which very much taught me so much about myself and also how I can be of service. I also found the teachers to be wonderful, kind and very experienced. I now run my own private practice 3 days a week, online and in person. I run bi-annual Art Therapy & meditation workshops and annual retreats with other facilitators. I supervise and support students studying with.”
Lucy Arnott | Transpersonal Art Therapy & Counselling Graduate
“I had the pleasure of studying at CCM a number of years ago now and gained much from the experience, both professionally and personally. Post college, and after a few years of working in my clinic evenings and weekends, I have undertaken further studies and courses to expand my knowledge and skills with a particular interest in Tapping, Trauma, Coaching and Mental Health First Aid. I work with clients weekly now along with being a Mental Health First Aid Instructor. I love working with clients who are ready for change. They're at a point when they acknowledge they want to feel &/or live differently and this can look different for each person. I also have a strong interest in working with trauma and educating others on mental health and holistic wellness.
Stacey Bout | Kinesiology Graduate
“If you are looking for a course that unifies the mind and body look no further! My background is in medical research and personal training, the missing link was the mind! I found the course to enable me to fill in the gaps ie. how the muscles and physiology of the body work in a very unique and personal way dependent upon our background and experiences. STK enables specific access to the muscle/s holding stress and paints a picture as to why. Not only does it develop your own understanding of how incredible the body is but it allows you to understand how to unblock or retrain movement patterns, neurological function and emotional blocks that have been placed in the way of trauma (physical, emotional or mental). As a graduate of Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine and Sports Kinesiology I can safely say I use STK in every balance I do.”
Jennica Winhammar | Sports Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine & Kinesiology Graduate
“I decided to do the ICM course as I wanted to learn as much as I could about Chinese Organ theory, and what it could provide not only myself, but my clients. What I have learnt has enabled me to offer my clients invitations into a deeper understanding of themselves. Knowledge about self from this perspective has had a significant impact on the continued forward, self-aware journey for myself and the clients I have the privilege of working with. I believe self-understanding is the fulcrum for change. When we understand ourselves, we have a choice, when we have a choice, we can do better because we know better. Doing the ICM course changed the quality of the sessions I was offering my clients. My Clinic has doubled in 1:1 clients over the past 12 months. Not only can I support them in my unique style, that is quite intuitive, I am able to add the knowledge of the ancient wisdom of Chinese Philosophy to support them to integrate the impact of specific psychology that is contributing to their symptoms. One of the greatest aspects of ICM for me, was the case studies, learning from each other in class, was a great way to gain knowledge of many conditions and ways to work with those conditions in a therapy session. Thank you David Corby for adding this amazing course to the offerings at CCM. I am grateful I had the opportunity to do such a course”
Tracey Gillis-Sinclair – Kinesiology | Mind Body Medicine and Integrative Complementary Medicine Graduate
“I went in for one of CCM’s free info session and experienced my very first art therapy exercise where I plunged into the depths of my imagination. This was the world I loved as kid, and abandoned as an adult. This was a course that encouraged us to ignite our inner child. To draw, play, dance, laugh, and learn. It made me feel free to be me.”
Kimberly Hetherington | Art Therapy Graduate

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