CCM Graduates


CCM Graduates

What CCM graduates say about us

Richard Peard


Transpersonal Art Therapy Graduate

I had a gut feeling that told me to enrol in the Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy Art Therapy at CCM. I trusted this gut feeling and immediately embarked on a wild journey of pastels and getting to know myself. Today, as a result of graduating from the College of Complementary Medicine, I am working as a facilitator for an Adventure Therapy program run by the Salvation Army helping youths between 16 and 25 to reflect on their lives and implement strategies for a better future. The Art Therapy tools I learnt at the college continue to be the foundation of knowledge I use whilst working one on one with clients and also groups. My only advice would be to trust your intuition.

Tegan Berger


Mind Body Medicine Graduate

Mind Body Medicine and Kinesiology appealed to me because it seemed very interesting and the kind of thing I wanted to do bearing in mind my background in childcare and my passion for wanting to help children with learning difficulties and autism. It is extremely meaningful for me to study Mind Body Medicine course. The lecturers have inspiring stories and experiences and I love the variety of people I’ve met, as everyone comes from different backgrounds and its inspirational to hear all the things that everyone is interested in doing with Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine. It inspires me to do good as well.

Nick Moss


Kinesiology & Mind Body Medicine Graduate

I was looking around at a few of the other colleges that had Kinesiology and this was the one that jumped out at me because the content just seemed so rich. It draws from a lot of different areas, which suited my mind set in terms of my approach to health – having been an Holistic personal trainer before hand, working with injury rehabilitation. I’ve really enjoyed the Student Clinic as this is where I got to put all the skills I’d learned into practice. The college really is at the cutting edge area of health.

Jabeen McMahon


Transpersonal Art Therapy & Counselling Graduate

The transpersonal approach looks at treating more than just the symptoms and views the person as a ‘whole’. To me this is crucial for an effective therapeutic outcome. The creative teaching design offers a genial and interactive experience in the classroom that is not only dynamic but also enjoyable to learn. The knowledge and dedication of the lecturers have helped drive my skills and expertise to step into the role as therapist. The lecturers demonstrate a passion for the work and of the students, offering exceptional guidance throughout the course. Mostly, it’s their individual and authentic expression that I hope to instil.

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