Elvie Kalina Mauldin


Adv. Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy
Adv. Dip Transpersonal Counselling/ also using Past Life Regression
Cert IV Mental Health
Cert IV Alcohol and Other Drugs
Life Coaching
Regression Therapy



Clinic Details

As a practitioner, I find to have a deep connection with my clients and we can travel a very deep journey together. I use spiritual counselling, puzzle solving, Art and Past life Regression to get to the bottom of some long carried behaviours and challenges. I am guiding you to find your creative fun side of you. I also have a the Ajna and neuro Light we can use when you want to meditate, but can’t shut down your thoughts. I found this light to be very useful to neutralise the busy brain and help to get out of the way to let the new thoughts to form. Sort of retraining the mind. It is a complementary option if you have a session with me, only takes 5-11 min to total relaxation meditation.

Up until now, I was working with people with addiction and difficult life situations using Art therapy in a group setting for youth and adults. I became a founding member of the Community Drug and Alcohol team in Port Stephens. And Facilitate the Art therapy group at the Samaritans for people dealing with addiction and difficult life circumstances.

CCM Students: please visit my website and also please note I have a reduced price of $75 vs $95 for CCCM students and its only mentioned here. If you are interested to find out what your approach could be or how you are fitting into your new found carrier, I am happy to untangle it with you to find your best possible outcome

Elvie Kalina Mauldin
12 Killara Street, Currumbin Waters
QLD 4223