Malinda Thomson


Diploma of Holistic Kinesiology
Diploma of Mind Body Medicine



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Malinda believes in the importance of working holistically with all four pillars; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, to restore wellness and balance. Working this way with her clients, supports them in gaining the most favourable overall results, and a deeper level of wellbeing.

“Our bodies are wise and communicate in their own way, often asking for a change or shift, to allow self-healing to occur. We simply need to learn to understand the language. Kinesiology is a wonderful tool, to enable that conversation.”

A Kinesiology session at Four Pillars, is often like a mini exploration into oneself and clients are often surprised to discover something about themselves they had not noticed before. This discovery will typically allow them to move beyond a barrier, and support a positive change in their health and life.

Malinda’s clients have experienced; improved immune function, releasing anger, a calmer more centred way of being, improved digestion, increased confidence, release of back and leg pain, reduced reactivity to stress triggers and improved sleep.

Malinda Thomson
Gordon Centre, Suite 3, Level 2/802-808 Pacific Hwy, Gordon
NSW 2072