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Intro to Complementary Health

At our Complementary Health discovery session, we cover the following: Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine, Sports Kinesiology and Integrative Medicine. These workshops run online and are always a huge hit. They are for anyone who is keen to learn more Complementary Medicine in general or as a career.

Online Discovery Session
Face-to-face Discovery Session Sydney
Face-to-face Discovery Session Melbourne

This online event will introduce you to the College of Complementary Medicine: educator of integrative health, natural therapies and complementary health courses. Learn how you can build a thriving, meaningful career, in the fast growing industry, health and wellness.

Learn from our highly experienced lecturers and successful graduates about why Mind Body Medicine, Kinesiology, Sports Therapy Kinesiology and Integrative Complementary Medicine are considered the ‘medicine of the future’ and how a client-centred qualification with CCM will ensure a career that is flexible, successful and deeply rewarding.

All attendees will receive:
  • Access to special offers and discounts (limited to workshop attendees).
We will review:
  • The health industry with a focus on complementary medicine.
  • Where our health system is heading and the importance of complementary medicine in the future.
  • The importance of looking at human beings holistically when it comes to health and wellbeing
  • Our courses: HLT52415 Diploma of Kinesiology, 10594NAT Diploma of Mind Body Medicine, 10708NAT Advanced Diploma of Integrative Complementary Medicine and 10687NAT Diploma of Sports Therapy and Kinesiology. Including course content, structures and comparisons between our courses.
  • Articulation pathways to other qualifications including degrees.
  • Career outcomes
  • What our graduates are doing, and the different areas they are working in.
Practical component:
  • Learn about key acupressure points: where are they, how do I find them, what are they useful for.
  • Discussion of Omega 6 Vs Omega 3 and the impact on our health. What can I change in my life.

Completing these courses accrues 2 ATMS CPE Points.

Intro to Transpersonal Arts Therapy

Intro to Transpersonal Arts Therapy & Counselling

At our Transpersonal Therapy discovery session, we cover the following: Transpersonal Art Therapy and Counselling. Join us online to learn more about our college, natural therapy courses, study options and career outcomes.

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Our Transpersonal Therapy discovery session lets you explore the healing techniques of transpersonal counselling and art therapy – a mode of therapy that allows people to discover the answers within themselves. Experience these life-changing therapies first hand with the help of our highly regarded and much sought after mentors.

All attendees will receive:
  • Access to special offers and discounts (limited to workshop attendees).
Attend this session to discover:
  • What is Transpersonal Art Therapy & Counselling.
  • The pillars that underpin our training.
  • Career outcomes and employment opportunities.
  • Our courses & graduate stories.
  • Some practical exercises.

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