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Diploma of Kinesiology

One of our most popular complementary medicine courses the Diploma of Kinesiology combines traditional Kinesiology techniques with the key areas of complementary Health.

If you are keen on making a difference in people’s lives by improving their health and wellbeing, then you will find this course deeply fulfilling.

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Join us in studying our Kinesiology course online, or in Melbourne and Sydney.

Now offering a multi-stream study option

In our Kinesiology course you’ll learn much more than the standard aspects of kinesiology training. We teach in-depth integration of muscle monitoring combined with the most relevant complementary health approaches such as counselling, acupuncture, nutrition, and energetic work.

Our new Diploma of Kinesiology offering means you can choose the energetic stream, structural stream or study both.

Get ready to embark on a varied and enriching journey with our Melbourne kinesiology courses, we also offer Sydney kinesiology courses.

Three students lie face up on massage tables while other students practise Kinesiology with them.

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2nd March 2023

9th October 2023

Delivery Modes

Online-combined (domestic students only.
Full-time On-Campus (Sydney & Melbourne, open to international Students

Course Structure

See timetables for more info on course structures.


13 – 18 Months



Course Fees

2023 Dip. of Kin (structural stream)

2023 Dip of Kin (energetic stream)

Payment Plans & Study Loans

Payment plans available

Study loans available for domestic students only. *

* CCM is an approved training provider for the company Study Loans. Loans are available through Study Loans, subject to credit approval.

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Format: Online
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Why more people choose to study Kinesiology with us?

Students and teacher using online learning facilities.

A Career-focused approach

The entire focus of our kinesiology course is on equipping you to be successful working full time in the community because we believe you can play a role in changing the world for the better. Our goal is to excite your passion and help you graduate with the skills and confidence needed to work in this growing field. Our training is tailored to help you build confidence as a kinesiology practitioner.

A CCM Kinesiology practical training session.

Extensive practical training

We have a specific focus on practical skill development and have found that confidence is best developed through practice. Therefore, our Melbourne and Sydney kinesiology courses offer a high percentage of hands-on training to refine your practical skills.

Students and teacher using online learning facilities.

Unique online learning

We use an interactive online platform so students can ask questions in real-time, interact and practice on other students or in groups, and feel like they are in a classroom even though they are completing their online kinesiology course from home. Our entire curriculum is available online. All our teachers are experienced in delivering online lectures ensuring the experience is fun, interactive and personally fulfilling. We use online classes to teach students to become proficient at online consultations – opening up a whole world of potential clients

A CCM Kinesiology practical training session.

Experienced teaching team

When you study kinesiology with us you get the best of both worlds: cutting-edge theoretical knowledge along with tried and tested field experience. Our teachers have a combined 200 years of professional experience and most run their own successful clinics. Over the last 20+ years, they have infused their personal experiences into engaging teaching methods to ensure you get the most out of your kinesiology course. You can find out even more about our talented teaching team.

A CCM lecturer with his hand on heart listening to a student.

Heart centered approach

We favour small class groups and a personalised teaching approach to create strong bonds with our students, and a more intimate learning experience. We strongly believe in the human-to-human connection between client and therapist, and strive to embody that in all of our complementary medicine courses.

A group of CCM students and teachers enjoying a social occaision.

Multiple study options and a supportive community.

With  online combined  and on-campus study options, you can enjoy the freedom of remote studying combined with on-campus training.

Choose from:

When you study kinesiology with our college, you also join an active community that supports you beyond your training.

We offer our Diploma of Kinesiology course in Melbourne, Sydney and online.

Testimonials from our students

“I had a genuinely wonderful experience studying at the College of Complementary Medicine. The vast information that you learn really allows you a wide range of ways you can practice Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine make it your own. Hands down the best education I have received and so appreciative of my time there. Thanks CCM for putting me on the path for the most rewarding dream career I could imagine.”

Kristyn Wagner

Diploma of Kinesiology, Diploma of Mind Body Medicine and Adv. Dip of Integrative Medicine Graduate

“Whilst I was serendipitously introduced to kinesiology, it was not until I attended CCM’s information session that I felt the clarity and confidence to pursue this path. I was particularly drawn to the strong emphasis of ancient modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine in the course curriculum. Having trained and worked in area of science and technology, it was the perfect introduction into limitless world and potential of energy medicine. The most fulfilling part of this work is that you learn and expand just as much as you assist your clients in their own journeys of growth and expansion”

Jo Wong

Diploma of Kinesiology & Diploma of Mind Body Medicine Graduate

What does our Diploma of Kinesiology course cover?

Our Diploma of Kinesiology courses in Melbourne and Sydney cover all aspects of standard kinesiology training plus added depth in the following key areas:

Acupuncture system

Learn about this system through the wealth of knowledge acquired by David Corby, the Acupuncturist and Kinesiologist who brought the wisdom of Chinese Medicine to the world of kinesiology. You’ll understand the deep flows of the meridians, the points to improving many different conditions and unique methods for balancing meridians.

Brain function & primitive reflex therapy

Put together by Ondrej Bursik, considered one of Australia’s top experts in Primitive Reflex Therapy, this unit covers assessment protocols and a uniquely effective approach to combating learning difficulties—an approach now taught around the world.

Combining insights from Western neuroscience and Chinese Medicine, you’ll acquire the tools to help people with neurological problems related to balance, walking gait, autism, poor coordination, reading and writing difficulties, speech impediments, and difficulties with learning and memory.

Counselling & practitioner development

We believe that the interaction between the client and therapist is crucial to the outcome. We teach client-centred counselling techniques and have a unique practitioner development program so that you become the best practitioner you can be.

Structural Stream

The structural stream is for those that want to be more confident with working with the physical body and the neurological system in a holistic way. Its focus is on addressing pain, performance, and physical conditions. It is a gentle trauma informed approach to working with the physical body.

Energetic Stream

Learn to balance the body’s energetic systems including chakras and nadis, and use crystals, sound and essence to help clients.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of our kinesiology course may go on to use their depth of knowledge to work successfully both Australia-wide and overseas. As part of professional clinics, independent practitioners, teachers and within focused health programs in the corporate sector.

Graduates may go on to establish their own clinics, enjoying the flexibility of being able to structure work in a way that is balanced with the commitments of their family life.

Others use their expertise within specific areas such as fertility enhancement, learning difficulties, recovery from traumatic events, depression, pain and improving

performance to tailor their work to their clients needs.

Payment Plans and Study Loans

We don’t want you to miss out on making your dream career a reality due to finance, therefore we have multiple payment options and payment plans available.

We offer discounts on the registration fee to those who attend our free discovery sessions and short courses.

We have partnered up with ZeeFi and are committed to providing students with affordable payment plans to enable better access to quality education. They will lend up to $20,000 towards your study. Please visit their website or contact us to learn more.

Interested in Earning a Double Diploma?

Broaden your career options and skill set

If you have enrolled in or completed this program, you can easily broaden your career options with a double diploma. By completing just 25% more course work, you can acquire the 10990NAT Diploma in Mind Body Medicine, a path followed by most of our students:

This program deepens and broadens your skills enabling you to achieve more with your clients.

You can complete our 10708NAT Advanced Diploma in Integrative Complementary Medicine if you would like to gain an additional cutting-edge qualification.

A smiling Diploma of Kinesiology student.

Our HLT52415 Diploma of Kinesiology is a nationally recognised qualification

This program is recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and by leading industry associations:


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Frequently asked questions

Kinesiology is a modality that integrates many techniques from both western and eastern approaches. A Kinesiologist uses muscle monitoring, a tool that allows the practitioner to get an insight about how the brain relays information to the body.

A very simple explanation is, under stress the brain’s ability to send and receive messages from the body is reduced. This is what practitioners look for when they do muscle monitoring. Muscle monitoring is a process where the practitioner applies gentle pressure against a muscle (an arm or a leg) in order to get feedback from the brain. In our kinesiology courses we teach traditional Kinesiology techniques combined with the key areas of complementary health.

In Australia, the most common way of becoming a kinesiologist is to study through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). It is important that the training is delivered by an RTO as this assures quality training and delivery. As an RTO with over 20 years of experience, we deliver kinesiology courses in Melbourne and Sydney, and with our unique delivery method, you can study kinesiology from anywhere in Australia.

Kinesiology has many benefits and is all about the client learning about themselves and the stress factors that are getting in the way of them enjoying a better life. Kinesiology is used for physical, emotional, biochemical, and energetic imbalances. People may see a kinesiologist as they want to understand more about themselves and what prevents them from recovering or dissolving stress.

Some of the most common uses of kinesiology would be helping clients with issues around sleep, digestion issues, low energy, and pain problems. However, kinesiologists also work with relationship problems, learning issues, and calming and connecting to self.

In some countries, the definition of Kinesiology is the study of the mechanics of body movements. However, in Australia and in our kinesiology course, kinesiology is more than that. Kinesiology is a modality where the practitioner identifies stresses in the client’s body. These can be physical, emotional, energetic, and biochemical. A kinesiology practitioner uses a variety of tools and techniques to help clients address and resolve these issues.

In Sydney, you can study kinesiology through our College (College of Complementary Medicine CCM). At our Sydney campus, we offer Kinesiology face-to-face study and online combined. Our unique online combined study method means we can offer our kinesiology courses throughout Australia. Our kinesiology courses in Sydney are delivered from our Surry Hills campus, which is a short walk from Central Station.

At CCM we offer a variety of delivery methods. This includes face-to-face delivery at our Sydney and Melbourne campuses. We also offer online combined, a balance between face-to-face and online learning. Depending on which kinesiology training the student chooses will determine the length of study. Our kinesiology courses and training can take between 12 months and 2 years.

The best way to learn kinesiology is through a college or institute that has a long history of delivering quality kinesiology courses. Ideally, it is good to have a variety of teachers, as each trainer can bring their own unique clinical experience into the classroom.

At CCM we have been delivering complementary medicine courses for over 100 years of combined teaching experience. Some students prefer face-to-face study while others like our combination of online and face-to-face learning. We offer both delivery methods to suit individual learning styles. So you can  jump into your diploma of kinesiology course studies right away!

At CCM we offer short courses, which means you can dip your toe in and get a taste for kinesiology courses online from anywhere in Australia.

A smiling Diploma of Kinesiology student.

Enrol into a kinesiology course at CCM

Enrolling into a kinesiology course at the College of Complementary Medicine is simple, you can find lots of helpful information on how to apply  and entry requirements. Beginning your journey into complementary health with CCM is a rewarding experience and we’re here to support all of our students as they progress. Find out more about our wider range of complementary medicine courses, and contact us if you require any further assistance.


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