Creating your own Mandala

You may wish to play some inspirational music and create a special atmosphere; for example, light a candle as you work.

Draw a large circle onto Art Paper.

Sit quietly for a moment.  Allow yourself to follow your breathing until you are in a place of calmness and openness.

Imagine you are seeing a bird’s eye view of your life. Imagine your hopes and dreams for your future, who you are becoming.

When you are ready, gaze into the box of crayons and allow yourself to be attracted to a colour. Begin to place colour and images onto the page. If you begin to think or criticise your work, change and begin to work with your non dominant hand.

An art therapist would ask open-ended questions to help you amplify your work. This can illuminate your inner world. Here are some examples of questions they would ask and that you can reflect upon.

As you look at your work, where are you drawn?

Is it the colour, shape or image you are drawn to? Describe this.

What associations do you have to this?

Does this resonate with anything in your life right now?

Place your mandala somewhere prominent so that it can continue to speak to and inform you over time. You may also wish to consult with a Transpersonal Art Therapist to gain more insight into your work.

Mandalas are one of the many tools used by a Transpersonal Art Therapist. To learn more about Art Therapy you might like to come along to our workshops. Free Information Workshop