10687NAT Diploma of Sports Therapy Kinesiology


10687NAT Diploma of Sports Therapy Kinesiology


The Sports Therapy Kinesiologist addresses the client from an integrative perspective – recognising that the clients posture is a reflection of the client’s overall health and movement patterns. The client’s movement patterns reflect their neurology and psychology. Using Sports Therapy Kinesiology these factors are able to be assessed using kinesiology and addressed holistically.

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Course summary table

Next Intake  Study Mode International Students Student Loans Available Free Information Workshop
Sydney:  25th July, 2019 Full time 14th Mar, 2019
Melbourne: 1st March, 2019 Full time date coming soon

Why more people choose us for their Kinesiology training:

Holistic Kinesiology

What is in the Program?

Our Diploma of Kinesiology program covers all aspects of standard kinesiology training plus added depth in the following key areas:

  • Acupuncture system – learn about this system in depth from David Corby – the acupuncturist and kinesiologist that brought the wisdom of Chinese Medicine to the world of kinesiology. Learn about the deep flows of the meridians, points for improving many different conditions and unique methods for balancing meridians.
  • Energetic medicine – learn to balance the body’s energetic systems including chakras and nadis, and use crystals, sound and essences to help clients
  • Brain function and Primitive Reflex therapy – our uniquely effective approach to learning difficulties that has been taught around the world. We combine insights from Chinese and Western Medicine to give you the tools to help people with neurological problems, learning difficulties and behavioural problems. Put together by Ondrej Bursik – considered one of Australia’s top experts in Primitive Reflex therapy having trained and worked in the field for more than 20 years.
  • Structural kinesiology – we believe its important to be good at improving posture and pain and put an emphasis on students being able to work effectively on a person’s physical body. Our course includes balances for fascial trains, cranials, jaw, pelvis, neck, and the 7 primary movements.
Holistic Kinesiology

Flexible Payment Options

We don’t want you to miss out making your dream career a reality due to finance, therefore we have a number of flexible payment options available. We can set up monthly repayments for the duration of your study.

We offer early bird discounts to those who enrol early and further discounts to those who attend our workshops and short courses.

We have partnered up with Study Loans, the first dedicated private student loan provider. Study loans offer highly competitive rates, will lend up to $15000 towards your study and can offer loan terms up to 40 months. Please visit their website or contact us to learn more.

We also offer Certificate and single subject study options for those who can’t financially commit to our Diploma course. Contact us to learn more.

Watch as Emma Sternberg, a CCM graduate and successful practicing Kinesiologist on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, discusses her course.

The college really is at the cutting edge area of health. It’s quiet frankly an education that is second to none.


I started studying with CCM when I was already working as a Psychotherapist when I realised I needed more than simply ‘Talk Therapy’ to support my clients needs. In my prior training we had not really explored Expressive Therapies or the power role of the Transpersonal but CCM offered the perfect integration of both.


The Transpersonal Counselling Advanced Diploma course has changed my lifestyle, my relationships and my personal and professional goals in life. I now teach Yoga with a different and improved perspective and hold space for my students to incorporate yogic techniques while maintaining a connection to their heart and embracing their own unique rhythm.


When I decided to study Kinesiology, it was important to me that I had the best education possible. I did a lot of research and decided that the College of Complementary Medicine was the only option.


The incredible camaraderie and sense of community encouraged at CCM goes beyond the classroom to faculty management and administration. I haven’t experienced this sense of belonging at any other college and found that it made learning so much more enjoyable and valuable.


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Course Information

We have two study options available for our Sports Therapy Kinesiology course: full time and blended learning. 

Domestic Students

13 months

Sydney City Campus:
Orientation day: 25th July, Class starts 1st August, 2019
Melbourne Campus:
Orientation day: 1st March, Class starts 7th March, 2019


Domestic Students
Two consecutive days face-to-face, per week. Two weeks holidays between semesters.

All assessments that form part of this course are competency-based, with a result of Competent or Not Yet Competent (NYC). Types of assessment in this course include; practical observations, assignments, short answer questions, student clinic, case studies and presentations.

2019 Fee Information pricing and payment options.



The 10687NAT Diploma of Sports Therapy Kinesiology is current between 13 December 2017 and 12 December 2022. Students enrolled during the currency period, are able to study and complete this course for a period of 2 years after the expiration date.

All face to face classes are limited to 30 participants, and as such all applications are processed on a first come, first served basis.

This course is recognised by:

  • Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK)

This qualification is nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

National Recognised Training

This course is endorsed by:

Entry Requirements

Although there are no course specific entry requirements to study this qualification, CCM does ensure that all students who wish to study with us are also suitable.

To determine suitability and ensure all enrolled students can successfully complete the course, CCM assesses a potential student’s Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) skills, computer literacy and suitability to the course they wish to enrol in.


To establish Language Literacy and Numeracy skills, CCM requires students to provide evidence in the form of:

  • a Certificate III or higher qualification; or
  • an Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) assessment result of Level 3 or above; or
  • a Higher School Certificate (HSC), or equivalent, with 50% or more, in both Math and English.

Computer Literacy

As all courses offered by CCM incorporate use of CCM’s online learning platform, whether it be in accessing course materials or submitting course work for assessment, CCM requires all students to have:

  • access to a computer for the duration of the course;
  • access to the internet as required; and
  • computer literacy skills at Level 3 of the ACSF.

Course Suitability

As part of the enrolment process, each student is also interviewed to ascertain their individual interests in undertaking the course, to ensure it is suitable for both their personal and career aspirations. Dependent on the outcome of the discussion, Course Advisors are able to suggest the most appropriate course, location and mode of delivery for the individual student.

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