Complementary Health
Gold Membership

$300.00 for 1 year

  • Automatic Green Membership.
  • Access to our online education portal. As a Gold Member, you will be able to access all the course material and videos that fall under the current semester.
  • Access to our Life Learning videos to use for your client’s health and wellness benefit. Established in 2015, Life Learning is a community initiative established by CCM, offering short 1-hour video courses for consumers on health and wellness topics. Each Gold Member will be given a promo code to provide their clients access to our online courses free of charge. For non-members, each video would cost $10..
  • 10% discount off Professional Development courses run by Ondrej Bursik & David Corby.

It’s exceptional value for money and a chance to leverage the powerful community of professionals that you became a part of when you graduated with CCM.

We want you to help us help others! The very best students are those referred through past students, those who have experienced complementary health and those who understand its value to their health and wellbeing.

All of our programs are only available to CCM’s graduates and upon applying your credentials will be verified with the college administration.

Please note: All Graduate Community Support Program Memberships are valid for a year.