Grounding: Benefits of Earthing your Bare Feet

What is Grounding?

Grounding, or earthing, is connecting your bare feet (or skin) to the earth so that any positively charged ions can be neutralised with negatively charged ions called electrons. The body, especially the immune system, works best when we have an abundance of electrons in the body.
Our bodies are made up mostly of water and when we have direct interaction with the earth’s infinite supply of free electrons they are absorbed and allow for a balance in our energy systems.
Grounding is an important aspect of our lives. Now, more than ever, we are as a society are more out of touch and disconnected from the earth than ever before. High rise apartments. Indoor lifestyles. The screens that occupy us. Shoes! These things all disconnect us from mother earth. Often if you ask adults when the last touched their bare feet to the earth they can hardly remember when.
If you aren’t convinced yet, take a look at the wonderful benefits below that have been shown from a variety of studies on earthing.

– Improved immune system
– More efficient detoxification
– Allow our bodies to restore to natural states/rhythms
– Cell repair and cell function improvements
– Lowers inflammation
– Reduction of pain
– Better digestion
– Improves blood flow

Why is it important?
Cities and busy areas having an accumulation of these positively charged ions and studies show that depression, anxiety and feelings of mental unrest come from the excess of this in our bodies. Whereas, waterfalls, ocean waves, being in nature allow for these negatively charged electrons to produce calm, peace and serenity.
The biggest cause of disease in the modern day is inflammation. Multiple studies have shown a significant reduction in inflammation from grounding which has produced astounding results. This is something that our ancestors didn’t need proof on. Connecting with the earth was a part of life and one aspect that many today have lost. You often hear people say, I’m feeling grounded. Or I’m not feeling grounded which relates to the mental stability they may be feeling.

What happens?
It is even said that the free electrons we gain from the earth act like antioxidants in our bodies by neutralising free radicals that cause damage to our cells. Grounding also improves the nervous system by calming of the body –releasing tension and muscles relaxing. Studies have also shown massive impacts in terms of chronic pain relief.
Another major impact has to do with improvements relating to sleep. Including reports of shorter time to fall asleep, a better quality of sleep, as well as waking feeling refreshed and rested.
Cortisol is the hormone that is produced when we are under stress and studies have shown regulation of cortisol levels from continual earthing when compared with the control groups.

Even more benefits:
– Better circulation
– Reduction of stress
– Promotes calm and serenity
– Improved energy
– Faster recovery from energy
– Supporting healthy blood pressure
– Oxygenates the tissue
– Blood glucose sugar regulation
– Shifts us from fight-or-flight (SNS) to rest-and-digest (PNS)

Remember also that these earthing effects that come from being in contact with the earth can take time to show noticeable changes. Especially if we have been out of touch with nature and been accumulating these positively charged ions for many years.
One thing to note: there can be effects like nausea, pain, aches or other temporary discomforts (think detoxing) can occur. Which sounds like it is worth the trade-off of short-term pain for long-term gain. If you find this after grounding, you can decrease exposure and gradually lengthen over time if you find it to be too uncomfortable. Other than this possible short term discomfort there are no negatives of continual grounding and it’s a positive aspect of being a human being on this earth. Energy will return and have the positive effects will compound if continued over time.

What can I do?
Eating local food as well as organic fresh produce free of pesticides and harsh chemicals and well as eating mindfully also goes hand in hand with earthing. Plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables in your home garden also help reconnection or enjoying them in a local park.
There are also grounding mats that you can plug-in and put at your feet while you’re sleeping, especially helpful if you live in an apartment/city and find it hard to connect with the earth. Grounding shoes without insulators can help as well.

Last Word

Try for yourself!!!!!!!!
It is said that an effect can be felt within four seconds! Ideally spending 30-120 minutes a day next to the earth has so many positive effects.
Start small, commit to even 2 minutes a day to start, perhaps keep a journal to note any changes and incorporate it as a regular part of your routine.

Gotta go right now, the socks are off and the grass is calling me!


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