My journey of embracing ‘I am enough’ through Holistic Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine

Written by Youmi Sunshine
@ Evolve to Infinite WellBeing Holistic Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine

“Where does my story start?”

I sat quietly pondering to the sounds of gentle pitter-patter of cool raindrops on luscious green palm trees.
“I have so many stories. Where do I even begin? What story do I really want to share with the world?”
I feel and see the intricate tapestry of tales of where I have been on my soul journey in the last 39 years. Flashbacks of memories and emotions rise up as my body starts to tremble and my eyes start to water. I feel them all. Body speaks. Always. Body holds so much.
“Pick a little thread that leads you to where it all began.” I hear my heart’s gentle whisper.
I take a deep breath and slowly exhale.
I am going to take you straight into the thick of where it all began. This Kinesiology journey of mine of course. There are so many stories within the story so I will ‘try’ to keep it short and sweet for now. Are you ready to dive in with me?
I was burnt out. My body crashed. Again. Surprisingly this time, I wasn’t even pushing myself like a racehorse in the corporate world like the first time when I was diagnosed with autoimmune urticaria.
For a year, I have been joyously running and managing an organic health food store and café surrounded by positive and health-conscious community I called my tribe. I was happy, connected to my heart and free from stress and ‘stuck’ energy I used to feel in the corporate environment I used to thrive in for over 10 years. I was on my path. Following my heart’s call. At the right place at the right time. What was going wrong then? I thought. Why did my body suddenly give up even when I am so joyful and happy on my soul path? That was a simple yet powerful question that started a long journey of new self-enquiry, which eventually led me to where I am today.
Let’s travel back in time to two years ago from now. One morning close to my first year anniversary of being a store manager of a beautiful and healthy workplace, which felt more like a home than a workplace, my body just gave up on me. How? Why?
That morning, I was opening the store in happy spirit as usual with my lovely staff and out of a sudden as if lightening has struck my body, boom! I fell. I couldn’t stand up straight again. Vertigo, nausea, dizziness and blurry vision all at once. I couldn’t see clearly and my body felt weak as I was rushed to my osteopath for an urgent treatment. We all thought something must have triggered the nerves in my neck from my previous disk bulge injury.
Following a treatment at my osteopath, I got home in a cab and laid my body down hoping that whatever was happening passes quickly so that I can be back on my feet happy and healthy once again. Especially with the storeowner’s family holiday coming up soon, this was not the time to be unwell. I needed all the strength I had in me to get back up on my feet again so that I can look after the business and be in full charge for 2 weeks so that they can enjoy their family holiday overseas with a peace of mind.
Back then, I have had hired and trained 15 new staff throughout the year, creating an almost whole new team with new goals, intentions and energy to bring health and joy to everyone who walks into our beautiful love-filled store. It was a busy and fulfilling year for me, creating a new team, developing managers’ manual and the first team meetings for assistant managers, setting up various systems and protocols to help the business run smoothly and efficiently like a well-oiled machine on a daily basis.
I took the ownership and responsibilities of caring and working for the business as if it was my own and at the same time creating a soul tribe of beautiful soul sisters, supporting and mentoring them on their journeys. All from my heart. I placed the business as well as all of my girls on my shoulders and carried them energetically, emotionally and mentally throughout the year.
I was just being me. The caring, nurturing, always giving, heart-centred leader hoping to inspire and gently guide everyone to find their soul purpose and walk their true path. My focus was more on ‘helping others’ than ‘meeting my own needs’ as I have been for the last 37 years of my life back then.
As usual, I was on my full-force-turbo-engine-driven-self, always striving to be ‘better’ and ‘faster’. The trait I have had since I was a little girl. Discipline. Focus. Hard work. Just like all the training I have had in martial arts, I was walking a path of mastery. Competing with no one else but myself just a moment ago. Pushing and striving to better myself at every single moment until I felt it was ‘enough’, which seemed like an unattainable goal at times as my high expectation of myself kept rising higher and higher. I was burning up all my resources on all levels as I was pushing myself to be better and faster than myself a second ago! I was chasing the tail of an invisible dragon that kept flying higher and higher the more I reach up. My adrenal glands must have been firing up. Cortisol level shooting up through the roof. For a very, very, very long time.
But this pattern was so engraved in my cells and subconscious mind, I just kept going and going despite many moments of awareness shining through the vicious cycle of unconscious actions of ‘doing and more doing’. My pattern was overriding my conscious soul’s voice resonating in my heart. I heard its cry. Oh yes I did. Many times over the years. Just like we all do. The inner voice. Calling of the Heart. But I said to the voice gently and firmly, ‘Hang in there buddy. This is very important. I need to get this done. I will rest when my work is complete.’
Just like as we do in our own busy mind-created realities, I soldiered on like a warrior in a never-ending battle fighting with the present versions of myself in order to meet my ‘mind’s expectations’ and be the best I can be. Especially, ‘I was on my soul path following my heart’s calling so shouldn’t I strive and go forward in an accelerated motion?’ I told myself. ‘This is all part of the journey.’
My existence depended on me being the best and better at all cost. No matter what. This was what my subconscious mind believed to be true. For real! I later discovered in one of the subjects in Mind Body Medicine Diploma that one of my subconscious belief systems was ‘If I don’t over-achieve, I don’t exist.’ Isn’t that just extraordinary? So in order for me to ‘exist’, I had no other choice but to push myself to always over-achieve beyond my health and wellbeing. As this thought-form was what my subconscious mind believed to be ‘true’ until I worked on releasing it.
This is the magic and beauty of Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine that I have studied at CCM. The tools and knowledge we gain from the courses assist you to get right into the core of it all. The heart of where it all began. You get to travel to the root cause of an issue so that we can address it from inside out. Unlike conventional western medicine where a condition is treated by suppressing and numbing the pain and symptoms, Holistic Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine facilitates a safe environment where a client is encouraged to look deeper into the self from all aspects of one’s being.
We are invited to explore our mind, body, spirit and all that encompasses a human being. It’s often at times like peeling an onion, layer by layer until we get to the core, the heart of where the issue has originated from. Although from my personal experience, I have found many onions within onions.
There is no suppressing, numbing or covering up what the body is expressing. Rather, it is tuning in, listening and exploring all aspects of what our mind, body, spirit is communicating to us through the body so that we can assist the individual through a natural healing process. When we provide our mind, body and spirit the ideal environment, tools and support it needs, the body goes through a natural healing process to heal whatever it’s ready to heal. It’s as simple as that!
In the Diploma of Holistic Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine, you learn to tap into the body through various techniques and tools. The learning and knowledge you absorb and gain throughout the course can not be described in simple words. It is so intense and vast! The courses at CCM are not like any other courses I have studied previously. It is not just for attaining knowledge or about simply training to become a holistic health practitioner.
The courses invite you to deeply look into yourself and work through what you need to clear and release in order to become a balanced practitioner who is grounded and connected to their heart to facilitate a holistic healing process for clients. Depending on how much you allow yourself, powerful transformations and immense growth can unfold during these courses. That is only if you are ready and allow the journey to unfold. I have witnessed many beautiful transformations in the class over the year.
I have worked on myself intensely and have been on this healing journey to reconnect with my soul purpose for the last 10 years, yet still I have discovered so much more in-depth insights into my whole being throughout the course. What comes up through Holistic Kinesiology is just mind-blowing. You often ask ‘What? Is that really in my subconscious mind?’ It never ceases to amaze me every time I have a session.
Initially, I signed up for the double diplomas with a desire to gain more tools and techniques so I can add them onto my existing skill-sets in my practice of energetic healing and meditation workshops. I wanted to ‘better’ myself and become a more holistic practitioner so that I can help my clients with more powerful tools in their healing journeys.
After practising energetic healing for 4 years, I felt I needed more tools to delve deeply into the core of clients’ issues, as most clients wanted a quick and easy healing done on them rather than walking the journey themselves. I wanted to gain tools to facilitate healing sessions where the clients can take responsibility and ownership of their own journeys rather than getting their auras and chakras cleansed and aligned in a session only to come back in a fortnight for another quick fix. That was not how I intended to ‘serve’ as a practitioner or a healer in this lifetime. I wanted to inspire and educate clients so that they can let go of their limiting beliefs, gain clarity and awareness of where they are and work towards reaching their full potential that I see in every single individual. I wanted to share my gifts in a more constructive and productive way than providing a quick magic fix they can run back to whenever the sparkles fade away.
Through studying Diploma of Holistic Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine, I received all the tools and techniques I have desired. I also have gained a deeper understanding and insight into my own subconscious mind, discovering things that I did not even expect to discover! I am so grateful and excited to take all these new learning and knowledge out to the big world once again and share them with my beautiful clients.
I have many many stories to share with you and this story doesn’t end here yet. The journey continues as I have started the Advanced Diploma of Integrative Complementary Medicine at CCM. I am looking forward to going even deeper and expanding myself as a wholesome and holistic integrative complementary medicine practitioner as I walk forward on another exciting learning journey. Not because I don’t feel ‘enough’, but because I ‘desire’ this joyful expansion from a place where I know ‘I am already enough’. Therefore everything I do from this place in my heart is so deliciously juicy and wholesome for my soul expansion and evolution.
To become a student once again after many years of studying, teaching and working on yourself is a very humbling and soul-enriching experience. You just go a little deeper each time. The journey feels more like a spiral than a straight line after all. You discover a little more and gain a new perspective every time you come back to the same point. One layer deeper at a time. Subtle yet deeply profound.
I wish you well on your journey. May you be kind and gentle to yourself as your journey unfolds. May you stay connected to your loving heart through wild storms and waves of healing. Know that you are already enough. Oh you are so enough. You are safe and you are loved. Always. Here and Now.

Love and light
Youmi Sunshine

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