Problem: Mindfulness MINDFULL or MINDFUL

Do you really want to be this busy?

You wake up, get dressed, have breakfast, shower, (half) watch television, wake up your children, get them ready for school, make lunches (or forget to). Check your phone, read the paper, make a coffee, leave the house, get to work / commute to work, or forget that you’re supposed to be at work, because your mind was so busy last night that you forgot to set the alarm: to wake up…

What time is it? You’ve started the day, but what have you enjoyed so far?

What moment have you had to stop before you START? Actually, you don’t stop, and you probably WON’T STOP today…

You’ve dropped the kids off to school. You’re at work, or working from home. Computer is on, the phone is ringing / you’re checking messages. Scrolling. Your mind is full…

There’s no time to stop, because you’re at work- until at least 5pm.

When will you go outside? Go for a walk? Stop to breathe, or close your eyes? Yes, you are busy, but you can close your eyes, even just for a minute.

What’s the worst that can happen? Your computer still works. It hasn’t “gone anywhere!”

When our mind is full, we think and act, sometimes too quickly. We are not in a calm and rational state, but in a mind that is busy…
When we are mindful, we observe thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad.

Have you been mindful TODAY?

Mindfulness helps to reduce anxiety and teaches us how to respond to stress. Don’t think about the plans you haven’t made. Think about ‘NOW’!

What are you doing with your time, now? Why are you so busy?

Mindfulness is: less “busyness” and more awareness.
Instead of letting life pass us by, let’s instead, enjoy living in the moment and awakening to experience.

A great travel path to mindfulness is to practice meditation.
Meditation helps to nurture, and expand mindfulness: to make some-thing, from “no-thing”.

How can we slow down and be more mindful?

Presence. Understand that presence is being present.
Live in the moment. Give your fullest attention to whatever the moment presents.
Let’s not waste time in the past. Let’s not be anxious about the future.

Completely accept what is.
You cannot give your full attention to something, and resist it at the same time.
The time is now! Just be…mindful: in a state of active, open attention on the present.