My Journey to a Purpose-led Life

This is a story of how I discovered my true purpose and why I am so passionate about helping others realise theirs.

I grew up in a well to do Chinese family where views on religion and spirituality were somewhat tradition-based, rather than heart-based. This style of upbringing is neither good nor bad and it’s fairly common in Hong Kong. The significance is that as a child, I had very little awareness, let alone, importance of my inner world.

My mother was raised by my grandmother after my grandfather passed away when she was just a teenager. They had very little money but against all odds, my mother managed to complete her secretarial diploma and worked her way up from being a junior secretary at an investment bank to managing director. We moved to Sydney so she can open and head up the bank’s Australian office. As a woman of Asian descent in the 80s, she was undeniably the picture perfect role model for females of minority ethnicity and I felt so proud to be her daughter. In my naive interpretation of the world, I began believing that my sense of value shall and will be based on title, status, power and financial success. However, despite my privileged upbringing, I was never quite the academic performer that I thought my parents were hoping for. I never got into selective schools, my grades were mediocre to above average at best. Moreover, that same drive to succeed in the way that my mother did; that drive that I thought would develop and grow within me over time, never really blossomed. It made me feel deeply inadequate. My sense of self-worth continued to deteriorate well into my adulthood.

After graduating with a science degree, I managed to secure roles that ranged from specialist to middle management levels at a number of multinational companies. As a relatively average student, it would appear that I had achieved at least some semblance of success. My parents would be surprised and pleased that I managed to get that role at x y z Company. These moments of recognition gave me a brief sense of passing satisfaction and validation but it never lasted long. Not once did I feel I could just be myself and still succeed. The pressure to act and behave in a certain way in order to be noticed and considered in succession plans felt extremely suffocating and limiting – not to mention unsustainable.

At the start of 2016, I felt increasingly disengaged and uninspired. I didn’t know it at the time but it was my heart telling me that I was ready for something else.

The events that unfolded from that point, I would rate as being among the most emotionally testing of my life, but which led to a level of personal and spiritual growth so profound that it completely shifted the way I viewed life, and more importantly the way I viewed myself in relation to it.

The turning point was an incident that I now see as being divinely orchestrated, where I was presented with an opportunity. To choose to be a silent bystander and witness to interactions I whole heartedly disagreed with, but often participated in to fit in, or stand in my truth and speak up against it. From a place deeply buried under all the vulnerability and fear of what could happen as a result of my actions, I chose to allow the expression of that true part of me. The part of me that I felt I always had to suppress in order to succeed, in order to fit in, in order to please. That part of me that originate in love. That part of me that exists in each and every one of us.

Over the next 5 months, it felt like I was being purified of all things that were no longer necessary for the next phase of my evolution. Seemingly random occurrences led me to my first experience of kinesiology. I was so fascinated and intrigued, I wanted to know more. Shortly after, I signed up to an eight day introduction course to kinesiology and even before the course finished, I resigned from the comfort and security of my permanent full time job.

As ‘luck’ would have it, I found myself sitting at an information session in September 2016 at The College of Complementary Medicine. I immediately felt an affinity to the authenticity and sincerity of Ondrej Burisk, the college’s co-founder.  Everything he spoke about resonated so deeply with me that it cemented in my mind that at this particular stage of my life, I was being called forth to heal myself and learn to facilitate and empower others to heal, grow and evolve. With clarity and certainty, I enrolled in the Diploma of Kinesiology and shortly after, the Diploma of Mind Body Medicine.

I have now been practicing as a Holisitic Kinesiologist and Mind Body Practitioner for 4 months. The transformations that I have been able to witness in clients continues to astound and humble me every day and the best thing is that I get to be a 100% myself.

I will never stop feeling grateful that this amazing and often other-worldly modality found its way to me. Even more thankful that on that fateful day, David and Ondrej decided to spread their knowledge and wisdom to others by starting a school. Their primary vision was and still is, to positively impact more people than they would have been able to directly by themselves.

Most of us are conditioned to believe that we need to have or acquire an ideal set of qualities in order to succeed, certainly most of our social structures have been built to support this narrow view. I am here to tell you that this is false. We are all here on earth for a unique purpose but we first have to discover and embrace our gifts and talents that will ultimately help us serve that purpose. What you have always considered to be your greatest weakness is a clue to where your true greatness lies.

Jo Wong

Jo is currently working at West Street Wellbeing at 64 West Street, North Sydney.

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