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Ba Gua Constitutions: A focus on solutions


Presented by David Corby.

The Ba Gua Constitutions model explains so much about ourselves and our clients.

This system is astoundingly accurate and offers incredible insight into each client. David Corby has come to understand the Ba Gua at a much deeper level over the last decade, since he wrote the Dao of Clinical Practice, and this online course is the fruition of that understanding.

David will take you through the Ba Gua constitutions and some specific combinations. He has completely rewritten and updated the Ba Gua descriptions. They are now in a form that can be used with clients. He will also be explaining the essence of each of the 5 motivations and how to unlock them with your clients.

Class Times:
10am - 5pm

Find Out More About This Course

  • Root of each emotion;
  • connections between emotions, and emotions and behaviours;
  • 9 Ba Gua psychological patterns;
  • Solutions to each pattern;
  • How to calculate your underlying constitution;
  • How to recognise and work with specific constitutions;
  • Clarification of common issues and confusions;
  • Collective outcome of more than a decade of intense study and clinical application of the model.
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