Crystal Kinesiology 1


Written and presented by Ondrej Bursik.

The use of crystals for healing has been used for as long as we can remember. They are referred to as one of the seven precious substances in Buddhism, mentioned over 200 times in the bible, seen as power stones of the shamans to the Native Americans.

This course looks at some of the fundamental aspects of crystal healing, including cleansing of crystals and charging of crystals.

Class Times:
10am - 5pm

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This course covers the following:
  • Crystal healing, including cleansing of crystals and charging of crystals.
  • 10 stones that are readily to practitioners and explores how they can assist healing.
  • The importance of understanding the crystals structures and how they affect us psychologically.
  • The importance of minerals within each crystal and what roles these minerals play within our own bodies on physical, emotional and spiritual level.
  • The relationship between crystals, chakras, color and learn how to use them within sessions with clients.

Note: The CK 1 notes have been re-written and are presented in a new format and include new information. They also include information on additional two crystals that are often used in Chakra balancing ( selenite and Black tourmaline).

Special Offers
  • Students that have completed the CCM Diploma of Kinesiology will receive 50% of the course (including a full colour manual). Contact to get your discount code.
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