Crystal Kinesiology 2


Written and presented by Ondrej Bursik.

The use of crystals for healing has been used for as long as we can remember. They are referred to as one of the seven precious substances in Buddhism, mentioned over 200 times in the bible, seen as power stones of the shamans to the Native Americans.

Crystal Kinesiology 2 (CK2) is a continuation of CK 1

Class Times:
10am - 5pm

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This course covers the following:

Crystal Kinesiology 2 (CK2) is a continuation of CK 1 and introduces 10 further stones to increase your knowledge of different crystals. Unlike CK 1, which focuses on how to use a crystal within a session individually, CK 2 looks at body layouts. Including layouts based chakras, hara line, structures of crystals and minerals they contain.

There are layouts based on 5 elements and other specific layouts. There is an emphasis on different shapes of crystals and how we can use them within a balance.

CK2 explores the use of single terminators, double terminators, spheres, pyramids and other shapes and how they can assist us with pain, flow of energy, energetic cleansing in individuals or group healing.

Both CK 1 and CK 2 can be a great addition to any practitioner that loves working energetically and often balances the energetic body, nadis and chakras.

However, the notes are presented in a way that the information can be used for self healing.

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