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HCF 1 Masterclass


Presented by the Complementary Health department of CCM – Ondrej Bursik.

Harmonising Qi Flow 1 (HCF 1) explores the flow of Qi from the original source of the Ming Man. It reviews the role of the three Jiao’s and how the Qi interacts between these Jiao’s and the extra 8 /12 channels. Partially based on the research made by Yoshio Manaka and other researches in the field of both Japanese and Chinese acupuncture. The two-day Master class reviews the importance of the Open point theory, Stem and Branch theory giving the participants a new appreciation of how to use acupressure in a unique way.

Class Times:
10am - 5pm

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There are patterns and rhythms all around us. It is our failure to notice them which makes it difficult for us to see the true nature of disharmony.
HCF 1 and 2 help us to see the patterns


Looking at the concepts of:

  • Ming Man
  • 3 Jiao’s
  • Extra 8 channels basic and advance balancing
  • Extra 8 channels and their relationship to the 3 Jiao’s and 12 channels
  • Proposals about extra 8 channels based on recent research.
  • 4 sub programs including emotional, sinews, cutaneous and spiritual aspects
  • Use of open points, stem points and Stem rhythms
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