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HCF 2 Masterclass


Presented by the Complementary Health department of CCM – Ondrej Bursik.

Harmonising Qi Flow 2 (HCF 2) is the continuation of HCF 1. Based on research of Manaka it introduces new ways of looking at Alarm points, (Alternative Alarm points). The focus is on the interrelationship of the 12 channels. Use of spirit points, Isophasal relationship, stretching of channel movements and psychology for each channel are some of the techniques used in HCF 2.

This Masterclass also looks at Luo/Yuan relationships, Body Zones based on Dr. Zhang’s work and how to work with continuous circuits based on George Soiel Demorants research.

Class Times:
10am - 5pm

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This course covers the following:

“There are patterns and rhythms all around us. It is our failure to notice them which makes it difficult for us to see the true nature of disharmony”
HCF 1 and 2 help us to see the patterns.


Looking at the 12 channels and the many relationships between them:

  • Back -shu points and the role of Distal points
  • Manaka proposal of Alternative alarm points
  • In details the 12 channels looking at, Yuan, Alarm, Back shu, distal, sinew, cutaneous, Muscles, Spirit points, Isophasal relationship points, stretching of channel movements and psychology for each channel.
  • Isophasal Relationship Balancing
  • Yin/Yang profile balancing
  • Luo/Yuan Relationship balancing
  • Body zones based on work by Dr. Zhang
  • 3 continuous Circuits balancing based on work by George Soiel Demorant
  • 5 element Balancing
  • Opposite polarity balancing based on work by Osama Honda
  • Exit/Entry patterns
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