Advanced Ba Gua Constitutions


This course is delivered entirely online.

Presented by the Complementary Health department of CCM – David Corby.

The Advanced Ba Gua Constitutions model explains so much about ourselves and our clients.

This system is astoundingly accurate and offers incredible insight into each client. David Corby has come to understand the Ba Gua at a much deeper level over the last decade, since he wrote the Dao of Clinical Practice, and this online course is the fruition of that understanding.

David will take you through the Ba Gua constitutions and some specific combinations.  He has completely rewritten and updated the Ba Gua descriptions. They are now in a form that can be used with clients. He will also be explaining the essence of each of the 5 motivations and how to unlock them with your clients.

Completing this course accrues 7 ATMS CPE points

Please note: This is an online course comprising of both downloadable notes and a presentation as well as 4 video based lessons. Once you purchase your course all these resources will be available to you to access.