Presented by the Expressive Arts department of CCM.

Taking clients on an imaginal journey enables them to access resources not available to them in their everyday life. This workshop will introduce the fundamentals of safely taking an individual on a simple journey. Learning to monitor their state whilst they are journeying gives the facilitator cues to deepen or modify the journey.

It is vital to assess the client’s readiness and their ability to navigate in an altered state.   How to ensure they safely return is a fundamental and essential knowledge.

Facilitators will also learn how to support the client to bridge the jewels gained in the journey to enhance their life and well-being.

Facilitating a  journey for  individuals to develops a refined ability to work with groups.  I am looking forward to sharing this new level of Transpersonal work with you.

Sunday 28th January 2018

Suite 1, 4-10 Bridge Street
Pymble NSW 2073

9.30am to 4:30pm

Completing this course accrues 6 ATMS CPE points