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Yolande Herring

Diploma of Mind Body Medicine

ATMS Australian Traditional-Medicine Society
ICMA Integrative Complementary Medicine Association


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It is your journey, but we can walk it together!
It can be difficult and challenging at times when looking at what is holding us back from feeling and living the way we want, yet it is essential for our wellbeing and health. Combining counselling and bodywork to get to the root cause of your problem, Mind Body Medicine assists and guides you in finding balance on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, facilitating wellbeing longterm.
Christina is from Germany originally, she lived and worked in London, Shanghai and now Sydney. As so many, she came to alternative medicine because of personal health issues. When she lived in Shanghai she was diagnosed with sever IBS, Irritable Bowl Syndrome. By a stroke of luck, she was introduced to Kimberly Ashton, a wellness coach, macrobiotic counsellor and nutrient consultant, teaching nutrition based on the philosophies of traditional Chinese medicine. Kimberly helped her to overcome a diagnosis that meant life long digestive issues. This sparked Christina’s interest in traditional Chinese medicine and complementary medicine, that developed into the urge to help others and not just herself.