Project Description


Emma Short


Bachelor of Science (Psych)
Diploma of Kinesiology



Emma completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at the University of Liverpool, UK, specialising in child development, body image, obesity and eating disorders. Dissatisfied with what she considered to be a non-humanist approach to Psychology, she undertook further training in Holistic Kinesiology.

Emma believes that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves and the answers to self-healing lie within. “Muscle monitoring can give people a voice during times when self-expression is difficult, tapping into the subconscious and diffusing stress patterns. My aim is to provide strategies that can be easily implemented and maintained so that clients can reach their full potential, move towards self-empowerment and a greater sense of well-being.”

While she works with a broad range of conditions, Emma has a keen interest in women and children’s health including pre and postnatal care and is committed to helping people understand the deeper meaning behind their emotional, physical and mental health conditions.