Project Description


Yolande Herring

Diploma of Mind Body Medicine
Diploma of  Kinesiology

AIK  Australian Institute of Kinesiologist

Thirroul Holistic Medical Centre
12/345 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul. NSW 2515

Marrickville Integrative Health
Suite 7, 324 Marrickville Road, Marrickville. NSW 2204

0450 066 292




What is your body telling you? Decode the language of your symptoms with Jasmin.

Jasmin’s goal is to assist her clients in gaining clarity, calm and self-empowerment. She helps her child and adult clients transform stress, anxiety and chronic pain. She works thoroughly with both mind and body, combining gentle counselling to identify unresolved stress, then releasing it from where it is stored in the body using finely tuned acupressure and soothing nervous system toning techniques. Jasmin provides a safe, welcoming, judgement-free space for her clients.

I highly recommend Jasmin as a therapist. I have seen her both for my myself and for my young daughter. She was fantastic with my daughter, who was initially very nervous and scared about seeing her…she can be quite shy. Jasmin instilled a confidence and bravery in my daughter almost instantly and now she is always asking to please go see Jasmin. Jasmin also gave me some tools so that I can continue to work with my daughter on our own. Such a great gift to give to a small child. Her treatments with me were equally transformative. I feel an instant calm and ease and felt we very quickly got to the bottom of my “stuff”. I have been left with a greater understanding of myself and tools to help me move through things.” – Sara Von Trzcinski, designer