Project Description


Emma Sternberg

Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy
Reiki Master
Kinergetics Practitioner
RESET Practitioner

K-ure: A Healing Alternative
Manly and Northern Beaches




Using art and creativity, Karen gives you a safe place to realise your dreams and aspirations, allowing you to express any hidden blocks and bring awareness, clarity and direction into your life.

Karen has a specific passion assisting you to gain access to your full potential, providing a platform to increase self esteem and confidence to deal with the day to day challenges and achieve a rewarding, enriched and fulfilled life. Tapping into the creative side using meditation, drawing, collage and claywork you are able to access to deeper emotions, thoughts and feelings bringing understanding and insight to that which was previously unknown.

Having experienced upheaval and turmoil in both her personal and work life Karen has a vast wealth of life experience. Having worked with people all her life, she has seen and experienced what life can be like in both the challenging and joyous times of who we are. Karen is a compassionate and intuitive healer with a passion for assisting people to love the life they live.

‘The hand knows how to solve a riddle that the mind has wrestled with in vain.’

– Carl Jung