Project Description


Yolande Herring

Diploma of Holistic Kinesiology
B.App.Sc (MRT – Diagnostic Radiography)

AKA and Board member of ICMA

Gnostic Healing Centre
Level 5, Suite 502, Spring St
Bondi Junction, 2022




After working in the medical/health care industry for over 15 years Yolande transitioned to work as a natural therapist, an area she has always had an affinity for. Having wanted to continue to work in an industry that provides care to others her Diploma of Kinesiology has given her the skills to allow her to help others in a    more empowered way. With her experience in Western Medicine and her passion for holistic health care Yolande strives to help her clients understand the cause of their stresses and which allows them to feel more in charge of their healing.

Yolande understands that health and well being is our natural state, but sometimes we need a little help getting back on track. She believes that our mind and body  are intelligent, amazing and powerful and are always seeking to find balance and wellness. Kinesiology allows us to tap into this intelligence and help the balance to be restored. Through a Mind Body approach she treats the whole person (physically, mentally and emotionally) and not just the symptoms. This allows her clients  a greater understanding and a sense of empowerment in their healing as well as longer lasting results.