Sungazing: What is it? And is it Safe?

 If you have read our blog post on grounding you know how beneficial it can be to put our bare feet or skin on the earth. But, what about sungazing/sun gazing? Is it safe? In this article, we will look at the benefits and any potential risks explaining when and how to introduce yourself to Sungazing.


Sungazing is exactly what the word describes. Gazing at the sun. That big beautiful part of our lives that gives life to so much, nourishes the earth, keeps us warm and blesses us with Vitamin D. Whether it’s a clear day or not the sun is always there behind the clouds.

Sungazing needs to be done slowly and safely. The best time to begin is within the first hour of daylight in the morning and the last hour of daylight. The reason for this is because the UV index is low and the rays are not as powerful allowing our eyes can then absorb light from the sun. Damage to the retina can occur if staring directly at the sun.

The optic nerve that connects from our eyes goes to our brain is said to be nourished by sungazing. The sun has photons and light that our brains can absorb and stimulate something called biophotons. Studies have shown this to be beneficial to the health and well-being of humans.

Sungazing Benefits

  • Increase melatonin and serotonin levels (that allow us to feel good and are naturally occurring in the body)
  • Better sleep
  • Natural antioxidant
  • Enhances blood flow
  • Reduce stress and increase inner strength
  • Nourishment from the sun also claims to supply the brain with nutrients and reduce stress.

What does Sungazing Do?

The ancient practice of sungazing believes this daily ritual overall improves mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Having this intention and practice of connecting and feeling and absorbing nourishment from the sun is said to enhance this practice.

Calcifications in the pineal gland are also said to decalcify with exposure to proper sun gazing. Some believe that it also increases the size of the pineal gland as shown by a man named Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) who, in a study, showed scientific evidence of his pineal gland nearly 3x the average man. HRM recommends during safe hours, start for 10 seconds, then increase by 10 seconds each day. At the end of the 3 months, you will have built up to around 15 minutes. HRM puts significant importance on a diet rich in all colours is highly recommended especially during ongoing Sun Gazing. He also says to stop increasing at 44 minutes. In combination with grounding, this is also said to help the pineal gland as the reflex for the pineal gland is in the big toe and the other toes represent the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, thalamus and amygdala which are all vital for our overall functions as humans.

The pineal gland is our connection to our third eye. Our intuition. The pineal gland is a master gland and also controls the sleep and waking cycles of our bodies, perhaps this practice is something that is calling you!


Remember if it hurts…STOP!!!

It is also important to note that this should be done without sunglasses, contact lenses, telescope, camera, magnifying glass or anything else between yourself and the sun. However, if you are feeling unsure you can start by closing your eyes while looking at the sun.

Try to relax your face and be sure to blink as needed.

It is also recommended to smile, take deep breaths and set your intention and visualise being empowered by the sun.

Allow for the release of internal blockages

When cloudy: gaze in the direction where the sun is beyond the clouds and feel that inner vision and your desires in life.

Don’t feel this as a strict daily practice, just make sure you don’t look at the sun too long without building up gradually over time.

If I haven’t mentioned enough this needs to be done, slowly, carefully and gently to begin with.

More Benefits

Improvement in eyesight has also been reported as well as an increase in energy, emotional well-being. Studies have shown health improvements especially more reported in women. Bliss, joy, peace and calm have also been reported. No adverse effects on personal health have been noted in studies, so either stayed the same or improvements.

Perhaps the sun is calling you! Enjoy (carefully!!)

Kristyn Wagner – CCM Graduate, Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner. 

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