Using crystals to heal

Have you ever wondered how crystals work? Aside from being beautiful structures they can be very effective in aiding the treatment of physical ailments, emotional disturbances and even enhancing the atmosphere in a room. However many people underestimate the power of crystals and they are frequently overlooked.

Basically, crystals possess a radiating property, which results from the transformation of absorbed light. When contact is made between the crystal and the body, the absorbed light of the crystal has an influence on the communication between the cells within the body.

Every crystal is different and the properties are dependant on;
The minerals that make up the crystal
the structural & geometric shape of the crystal
The colour of the crystal

When you place a crystal on the physical body, the crystalline structures of the human body begin to vibrate and attempt to produce the same frequency as the crystal. It is through this process that the crystal allows the body to heal itself and bring about order to its structure at a molecular level.

So how do you chose a crystal for yourself? The best advice is to not over think it, just like the concept for choosing a pet “let it choose you”. Go with the one you feel drawn to and then have fun exploring the meaning!