How to Maintain Better Energy Levels

Fatigue is a major issue in workplaces. Mental and physical fatigue has a big impact on productivity and also leads to potentially costly mistakes.This course provides an understanding of the roots of fatigue and some simple but vital steps to improving energy and vitality. It is based on the latest research into the powerhouse of the cell – the mitochondria – and the implications are important not just for energy but also long term health.

Benefits of the course
Participants will learn how their lifestyle, exercise, dietary patterns and habits are effecting their energy levels and simple steps to improving them. Many of the insights will surprise them.
Who should purchase the course & why?
Employers wanting to improve the productivity of their workforce.
Following the three step process outlined in this course will improve energy, blood sugar regulation (no more dips after lunch), and long term health. Improved workplace productivity and higher quality work outcomes.
Structure & Duration
– Group Session
– 3 hours

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