How to Motivate Yourself and Other Co-Workers

Understanding motivation is the key to changing patterns that are not working for you and working well with others.

So many people get stuck in the same unproductive loops and not knowing how to change them. This course provides an understanding of the predominant behaviour patterns and what lies behind them – the key motivations.

For example, why do you get angry when challenged by a supplier? Why is it so important to avoid confrontation? Why do you care so much about your image? Why your sensitivity to others is making it difficult for you to be true to yourself.

Benefits of the course

Participants will learn about the 5 primary behaviour patterns and the 5 categories of motivations that drive them.

For each of these motivations there is a solution that leads to functional and productive outcomes. These are outlined in detail.

Participants will also learn about the keys to motivating others. Recognising what is important to others and how to address that.

Who should purchase the course & why?
This course is suited to all businesses dealing with people. It markedly improves understanding of what motivates your co-workers, suppliers and customers to behave as they do.
With this comes an awareness of how to tailor your approach for each individual in a way that will improve your relationships with them.
Improved teamwork and customer relations. Improved commitment and motivation.
Structure & Duration
– Group Session
– 6 hours

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