Improving Sleep and Feeling Rested

Around 30% of adults have symptoms of insomnia. When prolonged it affects both health and performance. Tiredness increases the risks of mistakes and reduces mental performance.

This course provides practical tools and information to improve sleep duration and quality.

Benefits of the course
Participants learn about key biological determinants of good sleep. This includes the importance of regularity, dietary factors and stress. The different causes of having difficulty getting asleep versus staying asleep.


It also includes tools to use when they wake up and can’t fall asleep. In addition the practice a daily routine designed to improve the depth of sleep over time.
Who should purchase the course & why?
This course is of great assistance to the workforce of most businesses. Better rested workers are happier, have less pain and better mental health. They are more productive and successful.
Improved sleep leads to improved performance and the avoidance of costly mistakes. It also dramatically improves mental function, mental and physical health.
Structure & Duration
– Group Session 3 hours
-One on one coaching follow up sessions – 1 hr each are available where necessary

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