Reducing Stress and Improving Resilience

Dealing with stress is one of the key issues for any team and workforce. There are many potential triggers – customers, relationships, disagreements, deadlines. What this course does is help enhance the capacity of each participant to reduce their stress and increase their resilience.

Excessive stress directly effects performance and tends to make people more reactive and less able to think clearly.

Benefits of the course
A more capable and less reactive workforce, able to deal with new and difficult situations.


The first part of the course deals with the root patterns that increase tension internally – recognising the key triggers and developing strategies to address them.


The second part of the course provides tools for increasing resilience over time. These include mind focussing, deep breathing, movement and stretching programs that can be done daily to reduce stress.


The third part of the course provides one on one coaching follow up for course participants to foster ongoing improvement in performance.
Who should purchase the course & why?
This course is suited to businesses who have employees under pressure – tight deadlines, organisational change, rapid growth or other challenges.


The course provides tools to improve performance under pressure – effectively increasing the amount of stress an individual can handle without losing performance.
Improved performance, more resilient workforce, greater acceptance of change and challenges, improved teamwork.
Structure & Duration
– Group Session
– 6 hours
-3 one on one coaching sessions – 1 hr each

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