Women’s Wellness Retreats – The Power of Sisterhood.

“This was precisely what I didn’t know I needed” announced Beverly as she shared her Retreat experience in our final circle. Her words held deeply, with many nods of agreeance as she spoke, hand on heart, her face shining with newness as she shared her words.

The space filled with authenticity, truth and honour as we parted ways to continue on the pilgrimage of our lives, individually but forever connected.

We leave here with deep insights into ourselves, new friendships, along with a deep deep sense of belonging and connection.

An experience like this can only be described as ineffable.

I believe wellness is a culmination of the balance of mind, body and spirit. Wellness Retreats offer you the opportunity to gather the energy to create harmony to each of these aspects of yourself, where wellness becomes your way of life.

My first ever retreat experience was offered to me as part of my studies at the College of Complementary Medicine, a camp, as part of my Diploma. That sounds fun, I thought and made my way down for 3 days to connect with my classmates. The only thing I had on my mind was the ingredients I needed for the meals we were to create together.

I sat in a circle for the first time since I did ‘duck duck goose’ in primary school.

The intention of our 3 days together, was clear that this space was sacred and we are all equal here. I found the ‘power for truth’; with permission and clarity like this.

This circle had something about it, it had a sacredness and space for all of my pieces to be offered. I describe it as a space for my soul to be, as it was in each moment, nothing more, nothing less.

I connected with my classmates, absolutely, however, what was perhaps the most profound ‘take away’ for me was the connection I had to myself. It was like I was meeting parts of myself for the very first time. I was left with a feeling that I had never felt before, it was sacred and deep.

From this moment,  I have been sitting in a circle and participating in women’s retreats. Women’s Retreat participation is part of my wellness prescription for wholehearted, vital living.

We live in a fast-paced world where the awareness for our own self-care, is often pushed to the back of our priority list. We have many opportunities to compare ourselves base on other people’s highlight reels.

Making time for ourselves has become a luxury, where it needs to be part of our lifestyle plan if we want to be proud of the life we are living.

If we want to create a life where we are able to offer all of our pieces to all of the areas we most desire, we need to make time for contemplation of where our life is at, so we can find the insights we need to get us where we want to be.

Women’s retreats are an opportunity to gather as we have for thousands of years throughout history.

As someone who has participated in many women’s retreats with women of all ages, cultural backgrounds and stages of life, I deeply value the sacredness, the power, the energy and the solidarity that is present when women come together.

In such gatherings, women can experience a deep authenticity within themselves – a truth, or ‘realness’ that is often hidden beneath the demands of our day to day lives and the multitude of roles and responsibilities we each have.

Women’s retreats operate on unique, deep principles and values. Within their structure, there is no hierarchy; each women’s voice is equally important, her story honoured and received fully.

In this space, a collective power is harnessed.

The support, sharing of experiences and life stories, and creativity that is fostered in women’s wellness retreats has the power to transform into something remarkable into the lives of each woman who attends, there is a ripple effect that positively impacts our society as a whole.

Tracey Gillis-Sinclair

Link to the upcoming Spring Retreat: https://www.facebook.com/events/746758932553485/

Tracey is a seeker of truth, wisdom and connection, she feels her most connected when she sits and shares vulnerability and truth.  Tracey’s wellness plan includes attending women’s retreats each and every year of her life, she also facilitates Women’s Retreats once to twice per year through her business Glorious You. She is deeply passionate about contributing to the space for all women to sit with themselves and contemplate where they are at so they can receive the insights to what they need to do to get where they want to be.