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Camille Macdonald

Camille is a committed kinesiology and mind body medicine practitioner, employing a gentle and holistic approach to address her clients’ health concerns. Her practice centres the connection between unconscious thoughts and beliefs informed by early trauma, and its impact on emotional and physiological outcomes in the present. Camille’s journey began when she realised her passion … Read more

Erin Davenport 

 Erin had a successful career in the corporate world for over 20+ years and after reaching an Executive level was severely burnt out, disconnected and lacking fulfilment. After some deep work and self-exploration, she used Kinesiology and other modalities to facilitate change and transform her life into one that provides greater balance and fulfilment. This … Read more

Kate Madigan

Kate is a passionate Kinesiologist, Mind Body Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Master and Teacher. Kate has a calm and gentle approach while also facilitating deep and powerful transformation with her clients. Kate is energetically attuned which enables her to work very intuitively and somatically. Her clients feel very safe when held in her space. Kate helps … Read more

Tania Baxter

Tania uses a collaboration of kinesiology and qigong to assist in the discovery of what is blocking your pathway with the aim of achieving balance and healing in your life.  Nurturing and celebrating our emotional health will allow a new perspective on how life can be navigated.

Joel Pierre Russell

Joel Russell completed the Touch for Health Instructor Training Workshop in 1980. He then taught Kinesiology techniques at the College of Natural Therapies, in 1981, and Touch for Health workshops until 1984. In 2023, having completed a Diploma in Kinesiology, with the College of Complementary Medicine in Sydney, he commenced working as a Practitioner in … Read more

Kirsten Severino

Kirsten is a devoted Intuitive Kinesiologist, Feminine Embodiment coach, and Non Linear Method teacher, dedicated to empowering women on their profound journey of self-discovery and grounded spirituality.  Her calling lies in bridging the gap between the earthly and spiritual dimensions within each individual, allowing them to reclaim their true selves. Her unwavering belief centres on … Read more

Natalia Savenko

Natalia is an ATMS accredited Holistic Kinesiologist, Mind & Body Medicine practitioner and certified Studio Pilates Teacher. She is very passionate about supporting clients in their journey of self-discovery, educating them about healthy lifestyle, mind and body connection and nutrition. Natalia’s gentle and nurturing approach empowers clients to take responsibility for their physical and emotional … Read more

Tracey Gillis-Sinclair

Tracey Gillis-Sinclair, a dedicated practitioner, empowers individuals to unearth their authentic voice by fostering profound body awareness. With a mission to guide clients towards a harmonious fusion of body and voice, Tracey champions the reclamation of the body’s wisdom. Through her practiced methods, she advocates for reconnecting with the subtle yet powerful messages the body … Read more

Rita Panuccio

Rita is an integrative complementary medicine therapist, holistic kinesiologist, mind body medicine practitioner and life coach – one of the first 50 in Australia! Starting her journey in 2007, Rita has completed her studies at the College of Complementary Medicine in Sydney where she attained Advanced Diploma of Integrative Complementary Medicine, a Diploma of Kinesiology, … Read more

Nicole Murray

During a career as a corporate accountant, I struggled a lot with stress and illness constantly, nothing really addressed the root cause of my issues then I was introduced to kinesiology.  I am now a certified Kinesiologist, Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner, as well as a certified Meditation Facilitator and Buteyko Breathing Practitioner. Through the combined expertise … Read more