Why Choose CCM


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Why Choose CCM

If you are wondering why you should choose College of Complementary Medicine (CCM), you should know that if you study with us, you will graduate with an accredited qualification in Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine, Sports Kinesiology, Integrative Complementary Medicine, Transpersonal Art Therapy and Transpersonal Counselling

CCM is an accredited college with campuses in Sydney and Melbourne. However, our online study and online combined study options mean our courses are accessible to students all over Australia.

We have been delivering industry accredited and government approved diplomas in complementary medicine and transpersonal therapies since 2001.
CCM’s practical and high-quality programmes are delivered and led by an experienced team of mentors.

Our courses offer a unique mix of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge techniques. Learning happens in a supportive environment that allows students to explore and evolve as individuals, while equipping them with the skills necessary for a successful career in a growing industry.

CCM’s high-quality training has opened-up a variety of career options for its graduates. CCM students are working in many different Community Services organisations, in their own clinics and in integrative clinics with doctors and other health practitioners.


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Other benefits of studying with us are…

Supporting You To Reach Your Career Goals

You will receive comprehensive specialist training to support a rewarding career and help you achieve your life goals. Our graduates are well placed to work within an integrated clinic, in their own practice or business across a range of industries.

Your Study, Your Way

We appreciate that our students have busy lives. We have study options to suit your busy lifestyle and budget to help you achieve your goals. With CCM, you have options to study part-time or full-time health courses, face-to-face or by distance through our blended learning options and our online option.

Experienced and Qualified Faculty Teams

Our courses are taught by highly trained and experienced CCM lecturers who are leaders in their field. They are passionate about teaching and their field of both Complementary Medicine and Expressive Arts.


Quality Accredited Courses

Our courses are Nationally Recognised under ASQA, and via various Industry Associations.

Gain Experience and Confidence in Our Student Clinic

We have an established student clinic where students can put into practice, under supervision, what they are learning on real clients. This is also a terrific way to get a feel for our college and what we offer students.

A Supportive Study Environment

You will experience a fun, personal and heart-centred environment where support is imperative and the highest quality qualifications are assured.

Be Part of a Growing Industry

You will experience a fun, personal and heart-centred environment where support is imperative and the highest quality qualifications are assured.

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When I decided to study Kinesiology, it was important to me that I had the best education possible. I did a lot of research and decided that the College of Complementary Medicine was the only option.
Liesl Frank
I started studying with CCM when I was already working as a Psychotherapist when I realised I needed more than simply ‘Talk Therapy’ to support my clients needs. In my prior training we had not really explored Expressive Therapies or the power role of the Transpersonal but CCM offered the perfect integration of both.
The Transpersonal Counselling Advanced Diploma course has changed my lifestyle, my relationships and my personal and professional goals in life. I now teach Yoga with a different and improved perspective and hold space for my students to incorporate yogic techniques while maintaining a connection to their heart and embracing their own unique rhythm.
The college really is at the cutting edge area of health. It’s quiet frankly an education that is second to none.
The incredible camaraderie and sense of community encouraged at CCM goes beyond the classroom to faculty management and administration. I haven’t experienced this sense of belonging at any other college and found that it made learning so much more enjoyable and valuable.