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Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy (Counselling)

Give your traditional counselling skills an extra oomph with the addition of transpersonal knowledge and its application. This Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy (Counselling) course is highly experiential and centres on the “whole person” in counselling and therapeutic practice.
You will not only learn transpersonal counselling approaches, but also be guided through your own powerful process of self-awareness and reflection.

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Join us in studying a transpersonal counselling course  that can lead to a rewarding career as a Transpersonal Counsellor

Australia’s only Counselling course whose prime focus is transpersonal!

This Transpersonal Counselling course exemplifies our commitment to helping you grow both personally and professionally.  As you dive into the world of transpersonal psychology, you uncover what’s “behind the mask” and what it takes to reveal it.

You embark on your own journey of self-awareness and discovery, while learning a psychological-spiritual model to help people achieve greater authenticity and creativity in life.

This facilitates your acquisition of the knowledge and practical skills needed to become a confident, competent practitioner or counsellor. You will thus experience firsthand a humanistic and holistic approach to helping people heal, transform themselves, connect with their human nature and reach their full potential.

Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy (Counselling) student in a counselling session.

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3rd May 2024

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17 – 21 Months

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Format: Online
Duration: 2 Hours

Why more people choose to study Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling  with us?

Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy (Counselling) student in a counselling session.

Wide Diversity of Employment Opportunities

You will graduate this transpersonal counselling course with a profound understanding of the psyche and a range of techniques to explore it. This affords you a wide selection of career options in both clinic and organisational work.

Some graduates start their own private practice while others have gained  employment in sectors such as: Art Therapy/Counselling Services, Government Agencies, Aged Care, Alcohol & Drug Centres, Rehabilitation & Outreach Services, Health Centres, Schools and Private Practice.

A smiling Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy (Counselling) student.

Unique online learning

We use an interactive online platform so students can ask questions in real-time, interact and practise on other students or in groups, and feel like they are in a classroom even though they are studying from home. Our entire curriculum is available online. All our teachers are experienced in delivering online lectures ensuring the experience is fun, interactive and personally fulfilling. We use online classes to teach students to become proficient at online consultations – opening up a whole world of potential clients

A group of Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy (Counselling) students.

Experienced teaching team

When you study with us you get the best of both worlds: cutting-edge theoretical knowledge along with tried and tested field experience. Our teachers have a combined 200 years of professional experience and most run their own successful clinics. Over the last 20+ years, they have infused their personal experiences into engaging teaching methods to ensure you get the most out of your transpersonal  study. Find out more about our experienced teaching team here.

A CCM lecturer with his hand on heart listening to a student.

Heart centered approach

We favour small class groups and a personalised teaching approach to create strong bonds with our students, and a more intimate learning experience. We strongly believe in the human-to-human connection between client and therapist and strive to embody that in our teaching style.

A group of Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy (Counselling) students sitting in a circle discussing their artwork.

Multiple study options

With online full-time, weekend, night and face-to-face study options, you can find a study option that fits your lifestyle and other commitments.

Testimonials from our students

“The Transpersonal Counseling course was the most profound course I’ve done. You not only experience a true journey to the soul yourself, but you learn how to hold space and apply a series of transpersonal processes that can help your clients to find their wisdom and resources for their own healing journey. You learn a client centered therapy that works with the soul, mind, body and spirit. It is an incredible experience of self-discovery, connection, support and wisdom to become a therapist.”

Leticia Zannier 

Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling Graduate

“I completed a double dip in Transpersonal Art therapy and Counselling at CCM. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there which very much taught me so much about myself and also how I can be of service. I also found the teachers to be wonderful, kind and very experienced. I now run my own private practice 3 days a week, online and in person. I run bi-annual Art Therapy & meditation workshops and annual retreats with other facilitators. I supervise and support students studying with CCM”

Lucy Arnott

Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy & Counselling Graduate

What’s in our Transpersonal Counselling course?

Get ready to embark on a fulfilling journey of self-realisation and healing, delving into the following areas:

Module One: Foundations of Transpersonal Therapy

This foundational  module introduces students to the core concepts and underpinning of transpersonal psychology through a historical and comparative approach.

Transpersonal work is based on a psychological-spiritual model, which focuses on encouraging greater authenticity and creativity in life.

Module Two: Foundations of Transpersonal Practice

The second foundational  module introduces students  to the underlying principles and core values, to develop the skills to work with clients, in a safe and ethical manner, sensitive to cultural, and personal differences. These core values underpin our approach to art therapy throughout the course.

Module Three: Integral approaches to Mental Health

This module will examine mental health from mainstream and transpersonal  perspectives. The purpose is to familiarise transpersonal  therapists with the psychological, psychiatric and transpersonal paradigms in order to work within the client’s belief system.

Module Four: Wisdom and Healing in Dreams and Symbols

This module includes detailed examination of some major dream work processes, the history of dream work and current trends in dream research and application (for example: neuropsychology of dreams).  Psychoanalytic, experiential and transpersonal dream work will be introduced.  The language of dreams from a Jungian perspective will introduce archetypes and how this show up in dreams.  Students learn how to understand and respectfully engage with dreams.

Module Five: Mind/Body Technologies

This module extends the work around the spectrum of consciousness and introduces techniques to change states to facilitate health and wellbeing. The purpose of this is to facilitate awareness of how four states; thinking, feeling, intuition and sensation (bodily) function either consciously or unconsciously, and how they impact on our lives. It is an opportunity to become more consciously aware of how these elements work in us. We also learn about focusing techniques, induction states and somatic awareness.

Module Six:  Healing and Human Potentials

As humans we are multi–dimensional beings with a multiplicity of potentialities.  In this module we will be Looking at human potentials and their application in healing, notions of the paranormal and other exceptional human abilities. Human energetics, healing and perspectives from modern physics and biology, as well as state-specific healing, resonance phenomena and energetics

Module Seven:  Exploring Life Transitions: Myth and Ritual

Myth and ritual have been the cornerstone of the health and well-being of individuals and communities since Palaeolithic times.  This module will explore the nature and use of myth in the healing process and in a cross-cultural context. Traditional, shamanic cultures will be compared with our own in terms of managing and mapping our various life changes.

Module Eight: Transpersonal Approaches to Mental Health

Exploring approaches to illness, suffering, life transitions and problems with living from a Transpersonal perspective. Looking at detailed coverage of the spiritual crisis, emergence literature, practice implications and process versus diagnosis. 

Module Nine: Client Centred Engagement

This module is designed to provide students with a comprehensive foundation in inter-Transpersonal skills which are essential to being an effective healer using the Client Centered Model. This is a practical counselling module that revisits the underpinning of a  Rogerian, client-centered counselling approaches.

Module Ten: Transpersonal Counselling Skills

In this module the fundamentals of communication and counselling skills are extended into Transpersonal dimensions of human interaction, using a self-realisation model.

Students learn to assess where the client is at and what technique/s would be most appropriate to support the clients healing and journey.

Module 11:  Transpersonal Practice Skills

This module focuses on the ways in which a Transpersonal practice can be implemented. Detailed analysis of major approaches to Transpersonal Therapy practice e.g. Wilber, Grof, Krippner and Rowan will be explored.

Module Twelve: Professional Practice – Ethic and legal Guidelines

This module covers the current climate of professional practice in Australia, ethico-legal matters, inter-professional relationships in referrals and integrative practice, case studies and practice work.  It also develops a framework for developing a private practice and introduces students to further structural matters in relation to being a counselling professional.

For a more detailed explanation of all our modules please download our course information flyer.

Career Opportunities

Our Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy (Counselling) course equips students with the skills, knowledge and experience to work with individuals as part of a professional private practice, as well as within an organisation.

Many of our graduates go on to use what they’ve learnt in their own practices, with others working in areas such as mental health, women’s health centres and refugees, residential services, youth centres, schools, hospitals and various government projects.

Payment Plans

We don’t want you to miss out on making your dream career a reality due to finance, therefore we have multiple payment options available.

We offer discounts on the registration fee to those who attend our free discovery sessions and short courses.

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Interested in Earning a Double Diploma?

Broaden your career options and skill set

If you have enrolled in or completed this program, you can easily broaden your skills and knowledge with a double diploma. By completing just 4 more modules, you can acquire the following additional diploma:

11156NAT Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy (Art Therapy)

A smiling Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy (Counselling) student

Our 11156NAT Diploma of Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Therapy is a nationally recognised qualification

This program is recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and by leading industry associations:  

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Frequently asked questions

Transpersonal Counselling is a holistic approach to addressing client issues in a wide range of counselling settings.

Transpersonal work is based on a psychological spiritual model which looks behind the mask’s engaging journey towards authenticity and self-realisation. It combines mainstream counselling techniques and altered states of consciousness in processes such as dream work, focusing, process meditation and other guided induction methods, helping clients to explore issues and bring balance and wellness back to their lives.

Our counselling course teaches transpersonal counselling.

Transpersonal therapy is a type of therapy that uses creative media such as paint, crayon, collage, textas, clay and pastels to express and explore your emotion and experience. It can also include other modalities such as music, dance, drama, movement, photography, digital media, psychodrama and sand play.

These visual, physical, tactile and auditory media are a form of non-verbal expression that help you externalise your internal experience.

Our Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling course equips students with the skills, knowledge and experience to work with individuals as part of a professional private practice, as well as within an organisation.

Many of our graduates go on to use what they’ve learnt in their own practices, with others working in areas such as mental health, women’s health centres and refugees, residential services, youth centres, schools, hospitals and various government projects.

Transpersonal Counselling is a fast growing field in Australia. Becoming more recognised and in demand across a wide range of organisations.The need for well trained practitioners has never been greater.

A Transpersonal Counsellor falls under the complementary medicine banner. Complementary medicine has widespread acceptance in the community with recent studies showing more than 50% of Australians use it. Australians spend more on it out of their pockets than they do on Western medicine. More people go to see a complementary medicine practitioner first, than a GP.

With online full-time, weekend, night and face-to-face study options on offer it means you can study our counselling  course from anywhere in Australia. No matter where you are located, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin and Gold Coast our online study options  means you can gain a Counselling qualification.

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